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Thomas Cook X-Sport Boot

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' at netrider.net.au started by Slade, Feb 19, 2007.

  1. Ok, well I thought I better mention something about the boot I wear, and finally they have pics and such up on the Thomas Cook! Website.


    These are my very first Bike boot ive owned, and defiently my first boot for onroad use. I ended up choosing these over a pair of alpinestar mx-4's, both costing approx $250.
    I found I liked the design of the Xsport alot more, Like the fact i could put the boot on and not have the Alpinestar logo screaming at me everytime i looked at them, and comfort wise they seemed pretty good at first, although maybe a tad awkward, although I took this into the fact that I had never worn any type of full length boot before.

    Its been maybe 2 weeks now, since I purchased them and I can defiently say they are super comfortable, I spent a few days wearing them all day without a problem. Surprisingly I didnt get as many wierd looks as I thought I would for walking around in such a boot :LOL:

    Now the one thing I did not take into account when I bought this boot was the heat, being they are a full sealed boot, waterproof and such they tend to be very warm, which is not so good for summer, ive been going through 2-4 pairs of socks a day just to try avoid the build up of sweat and creating a bad smell in the boot, as well as being wet on the inside :?
    Guess this was something I should of thought about hehe , but I wanted boots and I got boots....

    Next up is the worksmanship of the boot, I find them to be reasonably well constructed, to a point of design, but thats about where it ends, something I missed when I bought the boots, is with the left 1 it seems the velcro section does not meet up as well as it should. Now for the right boot, at the top section where the velcro meets the inner of the boot, it has actually started to pull the lining away from the stiching at the top. Really quiet disapointing imo :(

    But over all I do like the boot, although I may have been hit with a slight lemon by the looks of the small issues I have with the boot.

    Oh yes and if any1 can suggest a good "summer" boot for me, needs to be full length with similar protection as this boot though. Thanks :LOL:

    If anyone would like more pics of the boot just leave a reply and i'll try get on to it, I would of taken pics of mine but they still have the remains of a few bugs on the lower section :LOL:
  2. "and such" = leather upper - rubber sole.


    They give more info about the features of Johnny Rebs even though those have much less featuring.

    Anyhow I'd take em back and complain if they're coming undone.

    I got a old pair of TC Rebs and have had no trouble with them.
  3. Yer, I probably should hey, better find my receipt.

    Hope they want a smelly pair of boots back , the past few days of heat have killed them with my feet in them :twisted:

    Oh and as for the info on their site, TC have only just got those up on their site in the past week or so, so maybe more info will come :)
  4. I tried a pair of these on while shopping for my boots. I did like the amount of armour they have for the money, and also the waterproofing. But... I found that the ankle armour was digging into my ankle, almost painfully. This is while wearing explorer socks too...

    They do look good, and seem to be good for the money though.
  5. yer I did noticed it a little bit at first, but as I said, ive worn these boots flat out for the past couple weeks, and have not had a problem :)

    But I guess whats comfy for me may not be so for others. Money wise also I found them good, lets hope next time aroudn though I will have the money so I can be a little more choosey, as price did pay a reasonable amount in choosing these over say some of the higher end boots
  6. ok, just an update with the boots.

    Still comfy, still to hot on hot days :)

    but today somehow I managed to loosen both the toe guards. Both removable so they have 2 screws each.

    1 lost 1 of its screws
    the other retained its screw but actually pulled the little metal plate it screws into out of its little hole.
    Bit of a pissoff, I'll get a replacement screw monday. and the other was na easy fix, but not what I would expect for 1month old boots
  7. Hey, I have these boots too and find them great. Very comfy and no quality issues, yet. Hopefully wont have any either!

    Could walk around all day in them! But thats my foot, each to their own.