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this zzr250 deal good?

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by kurichigo, Jul 10, 2008.

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  2. It looks pretty tidy - but nearly 70,000kms? and 18years old?...

    I got mine (yr 2000, 11,000kms) for $3.5k. The guy who took it for a service yesterday said that the only problem with ZZR/GPX engines is that they tend to die after 80-90,000 and then the bike is essentialy a write-off. (He did give a technical explanation of which engine parts are made of inadaquate materials but I cnat remember exactly what it was!)

    $2700 isnt a lot of money - but you might want to consider whether you want to fork out for a bike that might have a limited lifespan before its a junker....

    I'd be taking a VERY close look at this bike before buying it - get someone who knows what they're doing to check out the engine (PAY someone for a professional asessment). Its all very well having great looking bodywork - but that'll drive you NUTS if the bike is only capable of sitting in the garage!!!
  3. i havent been able to find anything close to what you got. judging from bike sales and bike point prices, to get a year 2000 with 11k has a going rate of $5000+.
  4. just chill, something will come up... dont rush into buying it, you will see one pop up for cheap/big price reductions, check the local bike dealerships, trading post etc.
  5. i dont wanna be waiting and not looking in the right areas and missing out on a good buy. where else should i be looking?
  6. Indeed - and when I was looking around I pretty much JUMPED at this one! (Saw the ad on a Friday, looked at the bike Saturday morning and threw a deposit at it on the spot despite not being able to ride it or get any mechanical check done :? ) - But it shows if you're patient and keep looking at tradingpost, bikesales.com etc etc etc eventually there'll be a decent bike and a good price.

    I did have my eye on a 2006 GPX with 6K on the clock for just $4.5K - which also seems like a pretty awesome deal - so they do come up (Although it seems ZZR's are a tad more exe than GPX's for the same age/mileage)

    BTW: Have you budgeted properly for insurance, gear, training & licencing etc etc? - 'cos the bike cost is really only a small part of your 'setup costs'!

    editted to add:
    Look at this: http://www.tradingpost.com.au/Automotive/Motorbikes/Road-Bikes/AdNumber=7942981?BackToResult=true

    $3500 - yr2000, 30,000k.... could be ok - might be worth a look....
  7. Not really. I sold my 02 in perfect nic for 4400, it had 24k kms as I recall.

    The one in the ad you linked has been crashed obviously, due to the paint. If its in good nic with decent tyres and rego, snap it up for 2300.
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  9. Lovely new paint job! What's that hiding? :-k

    People would expect to pay that price for a bike with shitty paint and minor crash damage. Given how little they're asking, one wonders why they felt it was worthwhile spending up to 1/3 of the asking price on paint. Given it's not original colours and missing the stickers, one also wonders if they're hoping for an inexperienced buyer who fails to notice stuff? Could also be ligit I spose but check it out carefully. :)
  10. You would expect it to have a new paint job after 67.5k LOL,
    unless u only really want this bike for like 3 months till your p's or whatnot, but even then it would have not re-sell...
  11. You might but I certainly wouldn't. I doubt many would think the outlay of time and money was worth it on a bike with that many kms. It's highly unusual. :wink:
  12. Its slightly over priced but if it's ok as described I'd say it's still got 20k left in it.

    It's had the rear indicators done and the sticker free black looks good.
    The seat is different to our 2000 mod.

    See if you gan get 3-400 off.
  13. you can do better for you coin if you be patient. i searched like a madman for only a few weeks looking at all sorts of things. ended up with an 04/07 gpx 3200kms - $4.2K in perfect condition (other than the lack of power, style, technology etc). just be ready for when the right one comes. new paint is suss. resale will be shocking on this. dont know your location but if you are in sydney north i dont have much of a life and could come looking with ya if you like when you see a good one.
  14. Just out of curiosity, but why would the resale be shocking?
  15. many people are scared off by kms. propper maintenance will allow many thousands of k's to be racked up but so many people tell you that high k's on any bike is a bad thing. only if its not looked after. did 480,000 kms in a corolla i had with no problems other than valve guides. this bike may have a perfect maintenance record which will help hold resale. the respray may have been due to age. as i dont know these details my original comment may not have been a valid one.
  16. I'm assuming $4000 is outside the budget otherwise the OP would be looking at bikes in that range.

    I'm willing to bet that if the bike in question is in good nick it will last as long as the OP wants it to and they can put the extra 2k into lessons or their next bike.
  17. yes good points. agreed. would be nice if you got a bike for free when you paid rego.