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this would be a great addition to netrider! (..imo)

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by slyfox, Sep 7, 2005.

  1. a map of the melbourne suburban area (and a zoom out option for other states) would be great to

    *see the rider demographic of netrider, where we're concentrated around the state, country

    *help find local riders to organise rides/ask for a hand etc

    *show roughly where things like southbank/HQ are, ok an address is more practical but think of the novely factor! :p

    *other great reasons i can't think of because i'm stuffed and still need some brain power to write the conclusion to my stupid essay :D

    here's the program i've seen and like http://www.bravenet.com/webtools/guestmap/index.php and here's a bike related forum with it in action http://www.memberlocator.scooterworld.ryan-serv.co.uk

    what do you think :?:

  2. This might be a problem for those with the dreaded dual personalities (I'm in two minds about them myself!!)
    Fascinating software though!
  3. I think some of our members mightn't like the idea, given that they provide minimal or misleading information about themselves in their profile anyway.

    However, expanding it to include good riding roads, traffic information, etc, could certainly be valuable.
  4. Try Google Earth, great program. Can't view those others at work so will have to look tonight.

    I'm not so hot on pinpointing my location for complete strangers. Unless I want you around my place I'm not in any hurry to tell you where I'm at. As for misleading info, why should people need to know where others are exactly? That type of private info is "need to know" only I'd have thought.
  5. when you get a chance to check it out you'll see it's a different concept to google earth, it's not about pinpointing so much as giving a general idea. having strangers know the suburb or even just region of the state i'm in doesn't really concern me, but then i'm not in the habit of saying particularly reactionary or controversial things :p
  6. I'm in.. I like the idea... just a rough idea where who is...
  7. This would be great idea, I see great opportunities also to invite people for rides that live in your area.
  8. Will it include anywhere west of Melbourne? It's actually not true that you get waylaid and eaten by cannibals the moment you go west of Mt Macedon.
  9. I'm told that those western cannibals threaten to make you into sausage, but instead simmer you in a Margaret River red:

    "Cook the fat one. He'd be good served in a sav..."
  10. I like the idea