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This will surprise you .... NOT

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by hornet, Aug 8, 2006.

  1. So we can expect to see an end to holiday/long weekend police blitzes, eh? And no more media reports of holiday "carnage" on the roads?

    I won't be holding my breath, believe me... :roll:
  2. Of course not you silly boy! Isn't it obvious that the blitzes are working? Why else would the toll be no higher on holidays? Get a grip bloke, and support your local tax collector.
  3. The road toll is a crock!

    When was the last time you ever saw the road toll figures compared to the number of registered vehicles or licensed drivers??

    Each year there are heaps of new drivers as the country becomes more populated, and then the fatcats complain that "there were 2 more road deaths for this period than the same time last year..."

    Give me a break, who are they trying to kid?!

    Until they release figures that actually put them into perspective, how can anyone judge whether their safety initiatives are working or not?
  4. That's because all the city people go on holidays. So all it's really proving is that city people are crap drivers :p .
  5. Meanwhile in Blighty...

    In the UK, each year they mount a Xmas drink driving campaign as Xmas is supposed to the season to be (get) merry, ostensibly to stop all the drunks over Xmas. Except the drink driving rate actually goes up over summer, due to the warmer (it's relative!) weather.
  6. Dont tell the Government that! They will start DD's and blitzes 365 days a year. :LOL:

    Its really the media which beats up the holiday road toll, the government just reacts to whatever is making the news to satisfy the mindless masses.
    Their priority is to get elected again next term.
  7. Re: Meanwhile in Blighty...

    err, if you're still talking about the UK, I think you mean the colder weather ??? :?
  8. Re: Meanwhile in Blighty...

    "Warmer weather" is right if Cejay was talking of beer drinking. More consumption of beer during summer: warm season.