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This weekend: weather buggered?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by Loz, Dec 30, 2005.

  1. The missus and I have sort of made a half-arsed plan to do a 3-day ride over the weekend, fairly slowly going up through healesville towards mansfield, whitfield and wang, then across to the great alpine road the next day, cadging a bed in Swifts creek before trundling home via bairnsdale and noogee on Monday.

    However the forecasts are showing 38 degrees tomorrow :shock: then rain on Sun and Mon... :roll: I wonder if it's worth taking a learner out for such a long trip in such conditions?
  2. I'd advise against it mate. it's 39 today in Adelaide, & I took the bus, not the bike.

    I had my first extremely hot ride as a learner on the toy run this year. I don't have a summer jacket yet, so I wore my BF's & he wore a denim one. When we got home from the ride I had a serious headache from dehydration. I managed the ride ok but if it had been longer....

    While it's true a learner should experience all sorts of riding conditions, it's just not going to be a FUN ride when it's going from extreme heat to rain.
  3. a long trip for my other half was bad enuff with fairly mild weather and easy roads. we went up to lakes entrance on the bikes mid last year and took the most direct route there, she was BUGGERED after that :?

    tho what you're proposing probably isn't as long, its a lot more twisty so might get a bit tiring for her. guess it depends on her as a rider, at 2 months i had no issues with a 500+k day and was ready for another one the next day. but my other half still gets tired after 200 and it all turns into a bad day from there (you know how it is :LOL: )

    maybe try doing it 2 up instead? less of an effort for her and you can show off how manly you are :cool:
  4. oh yeah, if you havn't already, go out and buy a couple of hydropacks. worth their weight in gold on a hot day those things :D
  5. If you decide to go Loz, make sure you both have camel backs or similar and fill with ice/water to make sure the dehydration factor is accounted for.
    Seeing as it's only the 2 of you, you can make as many or as few stops as you like.
    Cheng just needs to let you know when shes had enough and needs a breather :)
    If you decide to go, good luck with the ride and keep upright :grin:
  6. Hmm... Yeah 2-up's not much chop for us, she falls asleep in the twisties and flops on my back and braking nearly busts my wrists!

    Plus the furthest she's done was Melbourne to Tyers one evening and the ole fuse was running pretty thin on that one. :)

    Still, we've been watching Long Way Round videos and she's all fired up for some Ewan and Charlie action... Praps you're right, this sort of distance might not be a good idea, especially with the heat and rain factored in. :(

    Maybe instead we'll do a day trip to Ascot Vale... :) I'll present the facts to her and she can make the call.
  7. i have become a night rider with this recent hot spell, no daylight riding in these temperatures for me, its insane.
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  9. Hmm, isolated thunderstorms in the alpine region... Although it doesn't seem to be implying it'll be raining and shitty all day Saturday... Sunday should clear up...

    It's possible... I'd do it but can she?
  10. NEW FORCAST ..... 42 NYE
  11. yep 42 is a stinker, the plan is to sleep all day with the air con on, then go NYE partying all night. no riding tomorrow.
  12. The simple answer is YES, but you need to make sure that she doesn't ride beyond here level of experience especially if it's wet or really hot.

    Let her lead and ride at a pace she is comfy with and be prepared to take more pit stops than you'd normally have.

    The one thing which is good to see is that you're not pushing her to go, worse case scenerio is why not ride 100km to somewhere and turn around and come home to give her a couple of hours of hot riding and save the big trip for later.

    Enjoy the trip if you go.
  13. Dayam!!! :shock:
    Well Dave and I have new plans for today now. Off to buy a kiddy pool for tomorrow and tomorrow night :grin:
  14. jelly wrestling?
  15. Don't want to be a doom sayer, but that road on NYE or NYD is somewhere I would avoid. The cars could be bad news.

    If the strong winds continue, the top will be bad for a non strong rider. Be careful in the open areas.

    Also if the weather does turn you will probably get SW winds and that is head on to home.

    Try to get to Lakes for NYE. Fireworks etc.

    Good luck.
  16. yep same as me but i went for a quick run then and wasnt to bad
  17. Yeah, the whole family is up at Lakes, but I'm a bit of a misanthrope when it comes to mass celebrations, these silly occasions turn me into a hermit. I'd much rather go where there's fewer people and you can *talk* to them.
  18. Alright, smarty, identify the bike......
  19. I believe, calling on my encyclopaedic knowledge of classic motorcycles, that what we have here is an old fart bike. Correct?
  20. No, I meant the BIKE, not the rider :LOL:

    I'm guessing too, but it looks seventies-ish, and by the extra gauge between the speedo and the tacho it could be a Suzuki GT-750 Water-Bottle. (temperature gauge)

    {someone will undoubtedly put me right, of course, that's cool!}