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This weekend on Pay TV

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by pvda, Jul 22, 2005.

  1. My weekend sports update for Fox Sport has just landed into my Inbox.

    24 July Moto GP Great Britain LIVE 9pm (Fox 1)

    and for those who like the 4 wheeled action;

    24 July Busch Series LIVE 5.30am (Fox 2)
  2. Man, late start for the MotoGP, going to be up until 2am probably.
  3. Ooo I can see the video recorder being switched on for the MotoGP or if I am home early enough on Monday then the replay on Foxtel

  4. I wish the TV @ work had pay tv :( :(
  5. Mmm, looks like my vcr is going to get a workout too.

    If the Busch race is on 5:30 am Sunday morning, then the Cup race would probably be on on the Monday morning. Will check that and get back to you.
  6. it'll be on chan 10 delay Jafu. probs 12am. I haven't checked the guide yet. Should be a good race though Go Hopkins and of course the greatest ever Rossi.
    46 46 46 46 46 46 46 46 46 46 46 46 46 46 46 46 46 46 46 46 46 46 46 46 46 46 46 46 46 46 46 46
  7. From those of us without Steal TV, fcuk you very much for the reminder. :)

    Fair go pvda, I swear you keep reminding people just to rub it in.
  8. :LOL:
  9. I think that was in the original post, mate!
  10. i wish i had foxtel
  11. I had Foxtel years ago and gave it up because it got so repetitive, but it seems that there are lots more programmes now and a lot less repetition. I like it.
  12. Warm the set and cool the tinnies, Donnington's on tonite.
  13. Rossi on pole for the fifth time this year
  14. Have to be very brave to bet against him here I think. He's won at Donnington so many times.
  15. It's raining in London (Test Cricket is on hold) so don't know if it will be a wet race. If it is, it makes it even harder for ppls to beat VR.

    (How far is Donnington from London?)
  16. Latest news. It IS raining at Donnington. Warm up this morning was done on a wet track.
  17. The 125 race has just been stopped due to heavy rain
    Going to be a long night methinks
  18. Yep, it's HOSING down!!!
  19. Whoa, BEST 250 race I've ever seen!!!
  20. Ill 2nd that....

    Great race... Hope the main event is just as good.