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This w/end, Vic Roadrace Champs @ Broadford

Discussion in 'VIC' started by Johnny O, Feb 23, 2005.

  1. This Sat & Sun, 26th & 27th of Feb at Broadford, Victorian Roadrace Championships, classes are...

    250 Production
    Formula 400
    600 Supersport
    Thunderbikes (1, 2 & 3 cyl's)
  2. might come up and take a look on saturday, you racing?
  3. I'm going to ride in on Sunday. John is racing a Benelli,

    Should be a good day :)
  4. Think I might be a bit hungover on Sunday so doubt if I will make it. I have a few family passes for the Vic Historic Championships - National BEARS series for the 19 - 20 March, so will go to that instead :D
  5. I'll be going - see you there
  6. Hey Guy's, I'm number 89 on a red Benelli, I'm racing in the Thunderbike class; come and say g'day if you're there :)
  7. Seeing we have a ride happening and heading up that way, we could always pop in ...not that l know where it is anyway...lol

  8. OK - since Johnny forced the issue :)

    Who's going to Broadford to cheer in the Johnny O fan club? So far its

    Pink Angel

    Anyone else? Is anyone interested in riding up as a group - either up the Hume (boooorrringgg) or through Strath Creek (yeeehaaa!)

    I think you suggested having coffee at Wandong...The race track is 30k further up the Hume.
  9. Why thankyou sir; I hope I can ride fast enough to make you proud :)
  10. Here's the deal - you gotta cheer for my mate Richard in Formula 400
  11. It's a deal
  12. good luck johnny
  13. Thanks, hope I don't have to rely on luck too much, I'm not really a lucky person :oops:

    I've got new tyres, just wish I had 30 more horsepower and 30 less kg's!

    Just have to put my race face :evil: on (or is it :shock: ) ha ha
  14. Chairman...not sure what the others want to do....will see what happens l guess.

    Good luck Johnie....or should l say.....go johnnie go!!!
  15. Thanks for the well wishes, might see you there :)
  16. Dont want to sound biased, but the racing and bikes will be a lot more spectacular this weekend. :D
  17. nothing wrong with the classics just remember to take your earplugs.
  18. I'm tipping the there will be alot of spectacular things happening at HQ this saturday night too ;)
    Sorry Brig, I would love to come along but I have a weekend all booked up ahead of me already. ;)
  19. Hey Deb,
    I have no doubt about that ! :D HQ parties have a reputation that preceeds it. :LOL: :D :LOL: :D