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This w/end for Melb ravers

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Johnny O, Mar 11, 2005.

  1. I was just wondering if there are any Melbourne ravers here that are interested in going hard this weekend? I'm doing Bass Station in St Kilda tonight and I'm looking to get tickets for Two Tribes on Sunday night.

  2. If you had of told me earlyer i would of came along :p
    got planz
  3. Stay in touch, we'll go out another weekend.
  4. heh, as if Bass station plays techno. It's a hard trance, NRG, hard dance etc night

    I'm off to infected mushroom on Sunday night, would have liked to go to Two Tribes except the amount of d*ck heads and stuff + it's on the same night as Infected Mushroom which kinda makes it hard to go to both

    For techno lovers.. http://www.melbournetechnomassive.com.au
  5. Yeh, I'm not really up for all the 'muzza's' at two Tribes either.

    Surely hard trance is a form of techno? I think the word 'techno' encompasses many styles of music.

  6. Nope, that's only to the 'uneducated' *same with anything, music, sport, whatever* On the outside, people usually only know 2 or 3 basics, once you get to the inner, there is a whole (new) world to explore. Techno in reality is it's own genre (with sub genres)

    For a good somewhat very comprehensive guide to electronic music, check out http://www.di.fm/edmguide/edmguide.html It lists a lot of electronic music genres (almost all!). And make sure you have sound on :) :) :)
  7. Wow thanks, what an enlightening site :)
  8. di fm rocks been listening to them from just about the beginning :)

    by the way let me know next time you go johnny o... hahaha i made a rhyme. cant go this time off to canberra :(

    is there anyone out there who knows where some good 'old skool' dumb and bass or tribal is playing? i hate break beat crap...
  9. Yeh, I live on di.fm hard trance or DJ mixes channels.
  10. Infected Mushroom is not hard trance. Infected Mushroom were once psytrance, and are now pop-psytrance, which is a subgenre of a subgenre of trance. :)

    Anyone wants to talk doof or psy with me, or is a member of australiens or oztrance, let me know!

    *psytrance purist*
  11. No one was saying Infected Mushroom are hard trance? Someone stated they were going to Bass station for 'techno ravers', I just highlighted the fact that Bass station is hard trance/nrg/hard dance etc

    I then mentioned I was going to see IM. 4th time for me now. I'm 'wazza' on oztrance. Been going to doofs for like 11 years now.
  12. Hey wazza! :) I haven't been back to oztrance since it died a couple of months ago. Prefer the masochistic addiction to Australiens. :)

    I've been doofing for about 4 years or so. Have slowed down in the last 12months though and haven't been to Melb since Earthcore Nov 2003.

    Anyway, you're right. No one was saying IM are hard trance. I was just using it as a seguay.


    So I guess you know Shagga, and webgrrl (ex-Sydney) and Rez (ex-Sydney), and Bender?
  13. Yeah I kind of know them. Dale, lala (I used to share a house with lala for like a couple years) are real life friends and they know everyone from oztrance. Dale for obvious reasons. heh

    Sorry about taking the IM as a literal thing. Just found out my family's pet dog (basically a family member) of 15 years is being put down. Not in the best thinking mood at moment.
  14. sorry to hear about the dog. :eek: That's sad.

    Have a good time at IM though! Apparently they rocked it in Sydney last weekend. I didn't go (3 times is enough for me and I usually avoid indoor parties like the plague) so you should enjoy yourself.

  15. This is so sad, but I haven't got a bloody clue what you guys are talking about. but then again I do go back to pre-disco, and before you say it's "pre-disco, not pre-historic"

    If infected mushrooms are anything like magic mushrooms that would at least explain my inability to remember anything that hapened in the seventies.
  16. easy translation for you nobby .
    Just close your eyes and picture sitting at the lights and from a distance behind you the sound keeps getting louder doof, dooof Dooof, DOof,DOOf, DOOOF, DOOF , and then you take a alook in your side mirror and you are blinded by useless parafenallia and bright neon lights , yet its the rolling rice boy and his portable junk shop, pounding right next to you .
    seat back , cap on backwards , reving so he can check if the big gauges on the dash work , which are really IQ fcuking metters and they are in the "-" scale, and the lights change and all you want to do is get away from them , and off you go at the lights .
    Think off 200 of them in a room and welcome too that world , me i am sorry i will just keep dragging there "look at me arses off at the lights".

    (each to there own )
  17. Heh, you really have no idea of the psy-trance scene.