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This video just made my blood boil

Discussion in 'Multimedia' started by AznCruiser, Feb 5, 2011.

  1. The least the could have done is help out the fallen rider, it might have looked fairly low speed and harmless to a cager but these things arent. This guy probably had families.

  2. old video.

    edit: to clarify, posted like 20 times.
  3. "They're going to beat our asses"

    Just gold, they must get their asses beat by Harley riders every week
  4. The decent thing to do would have been to at least ask if they needed help.

  5. Live to ride into ditches, ride into ditches to live, man.

  6. I laugh every time I see that video.
  7. Oh man you guys are harsh. They were wearing all the gear, and using appropriate technique ie weighting the footpegs to go around corners. What more do you all expect?
  8. Hopefully you dont laugh at any of us if that same unfortunate thing happens.

    Target fixation, ive done a similar thing....very similar infact to the rider following.

    The cager was clearly holding everyone up and going what 10km around those bends? The majority here would have overtaken them even with double yellow, the same as the harley rider who probably just got pissed off following at that speed. My main problem isnt that the cager was going slow, or that the rider overtook or even that the riderwent off............they all makde their choice to do those, my main problem is that the cager just left wihthout even offering aid or even to see if he was OK.

    Rock through the window would be my reply. I also think that cagers should have a crash course in riding a motorcycle, its not as easy as turning a steering wheel.
  9. A little bit of corner entry isn't too big an ass surely?
  10. What you didn't see the tight twisties and unbroken double lines ?

    Lets not even mention those bikes dont handle twisties at speed well either.

    As for the video if memory serves that was originally posted on youtube back in 06 I think
  11. It wasn't target fixation bro, guess again go again
  12. damn squids.
  13. "why would they do that?"

    good question :)
  14. I agree, they should have been wearing the correct leather jacket, ie those 2 tone cowboy leather ones with the tassels on them. This tragedy could have been averted.
  15. Search "harley crash" on youtube.

    This one is like a deleted scene from Wild Hogs:

    So far I've put it down to insufficient amount of stationary revving.
  16. that video made me snort and laugh loudly :p
  17. Love it :D

    So far I've put it down to an insufficient amount of outdoor furniture, but I'm happy to be corrected.
  18. contrived indignation is the currency of choice on Netrider these days
  19. That's the currency you deal in Hornet, reap as you sow
  20. rock through the window is exactly why they would keep going.

    I spent 13yrs living in the USA. The rider who pathetically crashed was retarded to have ended up in the ditch and since he had quite a goes of buddies with him, keeping on going was the wisest thing do.

    Why?...(and you've not had the pleasure of the experience)...because it's the USA where people get shot just because they got in someone's way. Their fear was genuine, and for good reason.

    It's a campervan, if the idiot rider could'nt manage to overtake one without crashing, then he should never have tried. Probably should not have been riding that road. Sorry to disagree with you, but things are different over there. I've had guns pointed at me for far less reasons. I would not have stopped unless he was alone, and even then I would be very cautious, about the rider thinking it was somehow my fault.
    It's just the way it is...