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This time of year sux,....

Discussion in 'Your Near Misses - A Place to Vent' started by Dr Who, Dec 21, 2011.

  1. G'day everyone,....

    Well last monday I was going to ride into work as I have a want to do,...

    So I am out the side of the house and I see the mailman deliver the mail,.. so I decide to roll Romana down the drive and let her warm up out on the service road, I had her on her stand right back almost in the drainage ditch.

    The service road is big enough to park a C17 Gallaxy FFS!
    Nothing on it except my Romana,...
    I walk up to the front steps to collect my lid and gloves after I got my mail,... as I turn to go back to my bike a ford F250 (ex Ambo) converted to a camper decides it wants to occupy the same point in time and space as my Romana!

    Anyway,.. this QLD tourist just knocks the front of Romana and push's her off her stand and onto her side!

    The only good news is that the damage was remarkably light, only a broken right hand indicator,.. and a small crack in her artwork on a leading fairing,...

    Why me,...
    Who did I kill in a previous life to deserve this?

    All detail were exchanged, all contrite and pleasant.
    So no hassles so far,..
    He knows that the artwork is gonna cost what it costs to get the artwork redone.
    I ordered the indicator today,.. $94.00

    So once I get that fitted I can ride again,. untill I get the fairing off to the artist,..

    Just as it looks like good rideing weather again,..

    Dr Who?
  2. Bad news Dr Who, although good to hear the damage is light and you will be back out on the road soon. With the Christmas postage slowdown you may be sweating on the indicator arriving though. :(
  3. Got any (before) pics of this work of art?

    Didn't know there were many Qld tourists on Gallifrey.....
  4. Mary Tamm or Lalla Ward?
  5. You are Dr Who. Combating aliens is all part of a day's work. :p

    Seriously, sorry to see this. Kudos on the self restraint & not launching them into the next galaxy.

    Hope it's all sorted out for you tout de suite.
  6. just criminal to do that to a piece of art.
    how they did'nt see it there, just makes you wonder what's wrong with some people. you can't pilot a heavy piece of machinery around suburbia without looking where you are going. incredulous.... this time of year could have been a kid on a bike or something.
  7. G'day everyone,...

    Lala Ward is the Romana I have modeled my bike on,...

    What happpened to the Garage where we had pics of our bikes?

    Dr Who?