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This summers to do list...

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Chef, Oct 1, 2008.

  1. :LOL:
    I guess he needs to work on his 'line' :p
  2. Maybe some knee pads and gloves.

    Do you think draggin jeans or a leather suit might have helped here. :LOL:
  3. Actually the title of the thread is a great idea; what riding things do you have planned for this summer??

    Me? When the weather has cooled off a bit, (or when a cooler day is forecast) I'm going to do my 24-hour ride.....
  4. My to do list for this season so far;

    * Don't crash
    * Phillip Island Trackday
    * Mt Hotham overnighter
    * Make a filmclip
    * Swing off a sidecar
    * Finish repairing the bike from last year
    * Have fun
  5. .. and everyone who hasn't yet done it should have the Corryong - Thredbo Alpine Highway on the list....
  6. That's on my next year's list. Unfortunately my plans have been put back a year, but I'll get there eventually.
  7. My plan is to do as much riding as my wife will allow
    Pass my P's Test
    Hopefully not have any accidents
  8. *Learn how to corner on the new bike
    *Don't crash
    *Track day
    *Don't crash
    *Learn how to shenanigan (and not bust my rad ;))
    *Don't crash
    *Get mini me on the back of the bike.
    *Really don't crash
    *Stay sober enough to remember my whole birthday party :p