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this sound ok? - no it doesn't...(update)

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by Drew, Jan 31, 2006.

  1. I like the bike... not too many K's either... is $1500 about right for the age/k's for this bike?

    1984 HONDA VT250F E ROAD

    6 speed geearbox
    Excellent Condition, no scrapes, no broken plastics, owned and riden by female last 5 years only did 2600 kms during this time. Great learner bike or cheap transport. Very Good tyres. Needs someone to ride it again.


  2. 1000km / year? :shock:

    i'd be reckoning the odometer has been lapped...
  3. according to redbook, it's about right.
    (National average price - private sale* $1,300 - $1,600)
    mind you, what else can you get for $1500 nowadays..
    sounds like a bit of cheap fun
  4. i was thinking it more a a nice cheap bike to start with

    as for the km's, any way to tell if the speedo has been done?

    then again it's only done 2600 in the tast 5 years.
  5. a burned out GPX?
    a stuffed Spada?
  6. I had one of them. Did 5000kms in 3 weeks then wrote it off. Bloody great bike. Really comfortable on long trips (hence 5000kms in 3 weeks) and they dont feel underpowered like some 250s do. Check it out as much as you can to try to verify the low kms. If it looks ok I'd say buy it bc they really are a great bike.
  7. Jump on it if it's working and roadworthy bro, and beat that price down as much as you can.

    That's a great price for a working, reasonable bike and will get you started.

    Of course, it might be a shonker, who knows.
  8. Those things had a reputation for going bang. The story was either that the rev limiter didnt or (AISTR) that it was easily bypassed. And the red line means "I will go bang soon"

    My brother had one of the last of these and caned the hell out of it for 30000 without missing a beat. Revved it to the red line everytime but never past it. Thats the secret to them surviving. Having said that they are not a 100 000 km motor

  9. are there enough pares out there for when i invariably stack it?

    was thining i could take the fairing of until im comfortable on the bike.... will avoid any early damage to fairings then....with my luck probably just stack it the day i put em back on.
  10. at that price.. throw it away and get another one.
  11. I remember thrashing a mate's VT up Donna Buang one day, and looking down at the tacho as I came out of a corner to see it DROPPING from 13,500 rpm :shock: That was in 1984.

    This site


    says the inboard front disc brake was problematic, but my brother had two CBX-550s with the same braking system and never had a peep of trouble over many thousands of kays.....
  12. if i get the green light from the purse holder i may have to see about getting an inspection..... iv got some idea as ive helped dad work on his bikes since i was old enough to hold a spanner... but... im not really confident with this sort of thin... got no idea on most bits
  13. Must be a Netrider or two living somewhere near who could also lend some expertise, perhaps test ride it for you, Drew?
  14. inboard disc... can anyone explain how this works...is just fully enclosed or is there somethinf special about it.... if it does go awry, what would need to be done to fix it..... bit of false economy of it costs heaps every time the disc stuffs itself?
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  16. was thinking of putting that call out once ive got the go ahead from the missus.

    will be booking for those L's "el pronto" too i guess :)
  17. Mate if it runs and you can get a roadworthy, you've got very little to lose at that price.

  18. saw that and was very interested..... but no way known do I have that $ at the moment.... that's about my budget for bike + gear... and i'll be doing "creative accounting" to get that much anyway

    if i had the extra the Spada would be my choice but if 1500 for a bike gets me mobile then i'll be happy and save the extra for gear and the bike i want when i get of restrictions......

    Loz... thats kinda my thoughts at the moment.

    basic train of thought is

    Does it go ok with no (or few problems)
    wheres' my L's
    do I have the $ on hand (i think so if a few other things follow there present status)

    so a may have a bike soon ;)
  19. Move fast mate, get yourself on the road and you won't look back!
  20. hmm..... looking good.

    Hope my father is as slow as he has been fixing our new car...... can use the $ for the bike then :) if he's almost done i'm sunk again :(

    now to go boot shopping..... i know what i'll get for everything else but boots are gonna be an issue due to dodgy ankle needing MAX support ++