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This site's disgusting attitude!!!

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Mr Messy, Sep 20, 2012.

  1. :soapbox:

    No respect for cats who wear argyle print cardigans... ](*,)
    No respect for the idea that dressing us in fluoro yellow behind the headlight which people dont see anyway will make us more visible... :blah:
    No respect at all for the authorities who are only trying to make us safe from ourselves and solve their debt issues... [-(
    No respect for people who have an obligation to honk their horn as much as possible and shout out numberplates of people who wrong them... :-s

    And I LOVE it!!!
    We need more!!

  2. thank you, finally someone else who understands =D>
  3. I forgot:
    No respect for the laws of physics...
  4. [​IMG]
  5. Respecting the cat in cardingan is just
    TOO big an ask
    Keep the objectives realistic
  6. [​IMG]
    Cardigan cat is not amused.
  7. This thread is fast becoming Catastrophic, ugh cant believe I wrote that, back to work.
  8. Dogs rule!

    Cats are just a bunch of pussies.
  9. Posting pics of cats with the quote
    Do you love anal sex..

    Jd your a sick puppy
  10. laws? surely they're more like guidelines?
  11. I have searched and searched for a picture of a cat dressed in argyle fluoro bikie jacket sticking it to the man while honking its horn, doing some special physics thing.
    No such luck.

    First there was Newton's laws of physics, now there is TAC's law of physics.
  12. Oooo interesting, mouth took away all of blabbus's nods for making a thread about it in site discussion and Portalou had his name changed for making a thread about it in site discussion.

    I wonder what mouth will do to you.
  13. Make sweet, sweet love to him?
    Here's hoping anyway, since I almost have my own "Site Discussion" thread ready...
  14. Well, it started out as a topic about the site content... and i think it ive made 2 threads in here before on ACTUAL problems with the site and they all disappeared within minutes of my posting them :p. This one has lasted longer so far even if it does belong in the bin!

    Anyway, we have digressed...

    Back on topic:
    No respect for moderators of site content and the fact that they are allowed to have a sense of humor, and that being moderators doesnt mean they speak the view of netrider 'authority', but just clean up drivel like this thread!
  15. Drivel Drivel
  16. Aww, well it lasted longer in there than the other ones hahaha.
  17. I'm officially intrigued and terrified.
  18. I want my nods back,they are mine after all.