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This should win "Best Job in the World" award!

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by lowercase, Apr 10, 2011.

  2. balls of steel, man.... balls of steel!
  3. No F***ing Way !!!!
    I'd go one step further and say this bloke definitely qualifies for NMOT - Nuts Made Of Titanium !!!
    My eyes opened much wider when he simply looked a cobra in the eye whilst holding it closer to him, as it hissed at him...as if to say 'Hey, f*** you, ok ??? Here I am cleaning your sh*thole, at least show some respect ! '

    I'd rather eat 20 Junior Burgers (best ever was 13 1/4) and suffer from breathing problems for 2 days ! :)
  4. I wouldn't be to surprised if they had their fangs removed.
  5. Now that's a challenge right there. Next time you're in sydney, let us know.
  6. Bring it on mate ! Though, I will admit it was carried out (2 years in a row, probably still happens) at Bendigo Maccas, on New Year's Day, just hours after a massive night on the sauce.

    Seriously, the term 'breathing problems' is major understatement.

    Back on topic. Snake burger anyone ? (y)
  7. i suppose when you do it every day you'd get used to it. but still.... totally effing insane!
    love the way he just throws them, even such a small distance.
    and the "thook" noise they make when they hit the ground......
  8. A week in the snake pit before you get the dole,
  9. #9 ResmeN, Apr 10, 2011
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    Funny or sad thing is he probably get's paid peanuts in the vicinity of $5-10/hour. Commend made on yt an hour ago made me giggle.
    "Cobras at [URL="
    ]1:39[/URL]. They're like... This ***** got balls LOL"
  10. Something tells me the Centrelink Offices would suddenly cease to exist (y)
  11. Last time I was at a centrelink office 2 guys chromed off their heads came in one started beatboxing while the other started ripping out all these awesome break dance moves spinning on his head and all the other neat tricks but the worker had to spoil the spectacle for all us and told them to piss off before they uttered a few words in English which I couldn't understand and left.
  12. So calm. Even wearing pluggers and shorts haha. I love how they're all watching him. Then the final zoom out and holy crap its so much more than just that one corner!
  13. i don't care if they're fangless or not, still a crazy arse job and they can still bite!
  14. Hahahahahahahaha

    I am a Lion tamer used to a good one, Then the dole office in Brisbane sent the lion Tamers down to Ashtons circus, who needed Lion Tamers,

    Amazing, they weren't Lion tamers any more, Hahahahahahaha
  15. There is no way you would even get me in that pit,
  16. Inhalation of various gasses can be used to euthanize animals. Some of the gasses that might be used are chloroform, methoxyflurane and carbon monoxide, among others. Disadvantages of this method include the need for some means to deliver the gas to an enclosed chamber holding the patient, the potential risk to the person if improper equipment is used and the difficulty in obtaining some of those agents. I once read a report of rats killed with chloroform causing sedation in the snake that ate him. This method is useful for venomous snakes in that no handling is necessary.

    These snakes definitely look gassed or sedated in some fashion. They are barely moving, and after being thrown just sit and watch. Not typical behaviour you would expect.
  17. Cold sedates snakes pretty well. Steve erwin used to put snakes in the fridge for a few minutes before his antics (sorry to spoil the illusion anyone). But by the way they were hooding up, they wouldn't have been too heavily sedated. I'm voting for hard nuts and would say that the snakes are very used to being handled.

    I had a spotted python for a fair while. It went bad and bitey and going near it gave me big time heeby jeebys. It's funny, owning a snake made me more scared of snakes.
  18. My cousin's husband in his younger stupid days along with his mates had a maccas eating contest, they had to eat everything on the menu as a challenge, he was sick for a week.
  19. Hahahahahaha ! Smee, and I thought we were stupid LOLOL ! (y)
  20. Ahh.. f*** no!

    I was shitting myself just watching this. I was certain one of those snakes was going to take a jab.