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This really pi$$ed me off!

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by BIWOZ, Oct 2, 2009.

  1. OK, this news report is tragic enough as it is.

    But then read the last line. :furious: The implication is that, somehow, it was the rider's fault?? FMD, that's crass beyond belief!!


  2. I don't see any implication that it is the rider's fault.
    Just that the police are wondering if the roos post a persistent danger.
  3. smee, i think he is referring to the double demerit points weekend, like maybe implying that the rider was speeding...
  4. I think BIWOZ is irritated at the mention of double demerit points, as if penalizing people for driving too fast has any relevance to wildlife jumping in front of vehicles. I've hit a roo before (in a car) and they really do wait until you are too close to stop.
  5. Even that has no bearing on the article.
    I still see no implication about the rider doing anything wrong.
  6. It's good to see they are issue double demerits to kangaroos now.
  7. Agreed Smee, I don't see how it can be read that it was in any way the riders fault. Roos are unfortunately a big danger in the ACT around dawn/dusk. See dead ones on the road all the time and each time I thank my lucky stars it wasn't me.
  8. Well guys, I suggest you stop and ask yourselves why a message promoting a punitive measure like double demerits was added to a report of a tragedy where there is no stated indication that the rider was at fault. By linking the two (separate) statements in one report there is a very clear implication (inference without explicit statement) that the rider "did something wrong". If you don't see it that way, fine ... but as I said, the juxtaposition really ticked me off. Just the way I feel about it ...
  9. Any article about happenings on the road mentions double demerits coming up to a long weekend / public holiday.
  10. i can see your point but it probably is a reminder. i rode quickly into work today and then someone said "double demerit points" as a community service to all us drivers/riders.
  11. Bonk's got it in one....
  12. If the double demerits comment has nothing to do with the accident it doesn't belong in the article.
    Smee's right if you read every sentence and analyse them, but the reality is most people skim through newspaper articles and, unless you have a specific interest in the article, you would be left with the impression that the rider somehow contributed to the accident.
  13. No offence dude but I think youre seeing something that isn't there. Im with bonk, its just a timing issue. News stories do it all the time
  14. I'm not taking offence at anything anyone has said ... something like this is always open to subjective interpretation. Some people can't see a problem ... I can. And as an editor, it wouldn't have got past me. That's all.
  15. What if that the end of the article the sentence said "Police will be targetting drunk driving this weekend." ?

    What impression would that leave you with?
  16. can't see any implication there. Whenever there is a police blitz on such as double demerit points they always incorporate it into road accident articles.