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This place is rad

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' at netrider.net.au started by Sooty, Feb 19, 2009.

  1. Hi folks!

    • Another odd QLD lad
    • Late start, riding since November
    • Work at a Zoo, guess which one
    • Single and straight, loves hard work and exercise, no kids :wink:

    Hopped on a bike (<- GPX250) because dad hopped back on his (DR650). I go on group rides with Legends MC (Redcliffe) and about to start with Blackall Range MC (Sunshine Coast).

    Special hello to the lads/lasses I see on Steve Irwin Way during the daily commute.

  2. Welcome to NR :) .
  3. I'm gay as but I'd love to break in a fit straight guy. Wanna fcuk?
  4. Sigh! :roll: ... there's always one!!! :roll:


    Welcome to the nut house Sooty :grin:
  5. Yer, added in the straight part after thinking about it for a bit, there are guys who ride scooters on here :p
  6. Don't take any notice of him, welcome to Netrider :LOL:
  7. Welcome Sooty. What do you do at the zoo?
    There are also guys that ride bikes on here. What's ya point? :p
  8. He's a labor backbencher?
  9. I'm not so good with political innuendo :oops:. So I'll just nod and agree :LOL:
  10. One of the technical lads - if it's technical look'n then they call us, which is often.

    Thanks for the welcomes!