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This place is famous...

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by Vando, Oct 30, 2010.

  1. Or possibly infamous.
    So i thought i'd drop by and see what all the fuss is about..

    I'm from tamworth, i own a KLR 650 08 model which has been extensively modified. This is it's latest picture.

  2. So the occy straps are part of the extensive mods?
    Welcome and enjoy the forums:)
  3. Howdy!
    What percentage of road v. offroad do you usually do with that?
  4. I'd say 50/50, knobby rear and slick front..best of both worlds!
  5. The rok straps are to hold on the bag.

    On any given ride, i look for the back roads which will take me to the twisty roads and away from the straight roads.

    That front tire wass an experiment in finding a tire to last over ~10k. It turns out having a tire that's basically bald on the back is almost suicidal on the highway. When i took it for a ride over wet clay.... It was interesting...
  6. welcome mate
  7. i see you like tractors
  8. a bald back tyre in the wet will always be 'interesting' :LOL:

    now you're on Netrider, you're famous too, welcome :)
  9. Typical Tamworth boy.. "Show me those hills and I'm gone" enjoy the scenery and welcome from a Coffs boy.
  10. Nice country up coffs way. i've been up there a few times.

    Yes, i like tractors. My one is japanese and in the background is an australian one.
  11. G'day Vando - nice setup you have !
    I once lived in Tamworth, though escaped the clutches of the line-dance hoard by enslaving myself as a bar attendant instead :) Aaah, the memories (circa 1995)
    Loved every bit of my 13mths residence there.
    Welcome mate and enjoy the forums.
  12. Yesss ... another KLR rider! Welcome Vando, the naked 08 looks like an old school KLR :)
  13. Nickers, the good things about tamworth include no rain and a good road.

    So it really is true that the best thing about it is the road out...

    Nirvana: Considering that the only thing they changed was cosmetics and internals... But yes, they are similar...
  14. Welcome Vando, KLR riders are becoming common around here LOL
  15. Cheers... Should mean cheap spares at least!
  16. Welcome Bro!