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This one's for you Loz

Discussion in 'Jokes and Humour' at netrider.net.au started by Guru, Aug 13, 2008.

  1. There once was a netrider named Loz,
    Who had limericks brimming up to his snoz.
    Everyone’s most favourite member,
    His limericks were ones to remember,
    This is a tribute to my man Loz.

  2. The boring old Netrider Loz
    Would only lim'rick becos
    It disguised the fact
    He was lacking in tact
    And he always had to be boz :p
  3. Good ol Hornet was quick to reply,
    A limerick he thought up on the fly.
    But for Loz he had no praise,
    And no, I'm not talking about the mayonnaise
    But its ok Loz, because when it comes to showing love Im not shy ;)
  4. Now Guru, I don't think we've met
    But frankly I think that you're set.
    This thread may be strange
    But it seems to contain
    The most sensible posts I've read yet.
  5. There once was a woman with Angina...
  6. ...who purchased a set of fine china?
  7. Hey there Loz I might have to agree
    The quality of posting is sinking to a lowly degree
    The threads about “wearing no gearâ€,
    And those silly newbie questions- Oh Dear!
    How about we put it all aside and meet for a beer?
  8. With nice gilded spoons
    Upon which she played tunes
    As they poked their way out her vagina?
  9. This expensive set she dropped on the floor...
  10. I'm up for a beer, make it strong.
    But from Melbourne to old Wollongong?
    That's almost a day
    On a bike, quite a way
    Why, it's almost the length of my dong.*

    *At time of packaging. Some settling of contents may occur.
  11. Last night I watched that movie Biker Boyz,
    Ooh boy do they have some nice looking toys!
    Just like them, we should set up a meet,
    Let us race and drink oh wouldnt that be sweet.
    But be careful, Netriders can make some noise!
  12. Loz is beginning to sing
    Concerning the length of his thing
    But he can't put it on show
    Since the whole world would know -
    As a donger it's more of a ding!
  13. :shock:

    :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
  14. Oh moderator why move this thread?
    In the General discussion it made its own bed.
    The title- “A Tribute†should bring it fame,
    Why stick it in jokes forum and bring it shame?
    Because this section of forum is never read!
  15. :applause: :applause: :applause: :applause:

    Love every bit of this thread

    'I don't know how you do it'
  16. There was a young man from the 'gong
    who has clearly been smoking the bong
    His thread of adulation
    seems like mutual masturbation
    He and Loz get a room, this is wrong!
  17. As Tone, at the top of his lung,
    Casts aspersions on how I am hung,
    He's omitting one thing;
    Not the size of HIS ding,
    But the dang lot of dongs in his dung.
  18. I’m hearin a whole lot of boastin’
    Bout wang’s ya supposedly hostin’
    Since both ya’s are Vic’s, you must have small pricks
    Does anyone need a spit-roastin’ ?
  19. A smoken hot woman named nancy
    a wrestle in jelly took her fancy
    loz volunteered
    the rest of us cheered
    but she said "no hes too much of a pansy!"

  20. if another mod had seen this thread,
    being in the wrong forum it'd soon be dead.
    I took pity on thee
    and moved it thusly you see,
    So it'd least have a chance of being read.