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This one's for PatB :)

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by RacingTurtles, Mar 21, 2010.

  1. A survey of bike reliability conducted by MCN (with over 12,000 riders participating) produced a following list: Out of the top 10 bikes voted most reliable 8 were Hondas...

    1. Honda NTV700
    2. Honda CBR600RR
    3. Honda ST1300
    4. Honda CBR1100XX
    5. Suzuki GSX1400
    6. Yamaha FJR1300
    7. Honda CBR1000RR
    8. Honda VFR800
    9. Honda VFR800 vtec
    10.Honda CBF1000
  2. Something that Honda owners are very good at is self delusion :wink:.

    Personally, I'm much more interested in how things stack up after about 10 years of average use, with factors applied for spares availability, cost etc as well. Personal experience suggests that Honda would do poorly and, at a guess, Suzuki somewhere near the top of the big four.

    Only an opinion mind.
  3. Fair enough, but that's exactly why I think this list is meaningful: models that made top 10 are not new, they've been around for a long time. In fact, some of them are not even in production any more.
  4. I'm fully aware of the fact that a loathing of the proportions of my own for Hondas is probably not rational or open to argument :LOL:.

    It is, however, based on experience gained at the bottom of the biking food chain over quite a few years. At that end of the market, used Hondas were always cheaper than the equivalents from the other manufacturers by a significant margin. It took me the ownership of several before the "why" really sank in (along with the lesson that the sticker price is a pretty insignificant part of cost of ownership). Uninspiring riding experiences, nasty materials, stratospheric spares prices (and glacial delivery times) and design that screamed CHEAP!! in big letters saw me put off the brand for life.

    Maybe they've improved, but the recent and ongoing experience of a CB400 owning mate, whose mechanical opinion (if not his wife's choice in commuting tackle) I respect, suggests otherwise. Maybe they're good if they remain polished weekenders but dissolve when subjected to the rigours of being everyday transport in dodgy weather. I dunno.

    No skin off my nose anyway. Honda have lost a potential customer who they'll never get back, but I still have a wide choice of bikes from every other manufacturer.
  5. I totally agree with you pat, over the past ten years I have owned two cbr1000fs, ('87 + '97)
    I couldn't break either one, biggest job was chain and sprockets. (and a couple of batteries, and 1 fuel pump).
    Ol' 87 was replaced due to age and opportunity, not worn out.
    97 is currently used as a commuter five days a week irrespective of the weather.
    I have not driven my cage to work for about 2 1/2 years.
    The older one let me down with a faulty fuel pump once ($20 from wrecker).

    I must agree with you about the reliability, bloody terrible........
  6. It was only the 87 that had the fuel pump, if memory serves me well. I know I ripped mine out and ran it gavity feed, just fine, for 2 years. Good, heavy old bike.
  7. Absolutely correct in every detail,(bloody heavy bike), and as for the pump, I stuck in one out of some 250 burner, worked fine, tried without it but occasionaly wouldn't pick up if tank real low.
  8. I think he's an example of, "My mind's made up, don't confuse me with facts."

  9. Oh, please. More Hondas get used to do daily commuting durtes than all of the other brands put together. And they STILL don't break

    Well, guess what? Honda won't even miss you!=D>
  10. That survey is a bit of bs. and i agree with what patb says in his first post.

    i honestly believe that the big zooks are more reliable than the hondas. kwackas are good for allot but they munch camchains. i dont know enough about the yammys though.

    I used to think i would never touch a honda with a 10 foot pole but i recently aquired one as a bargain.

    but i think an xr650r motard with full zorst and fcr is about the least honda-like honda that they ever made and its modified as far away from hondaness as it can be... i just need some black plastics and zuk or ktm stickers :p
  11. How is it 'a bit of bs', exactly? Do you have a problem with its construction, or data sample, perhaps collection method? Personally I have no idea about its ins and outs, so do enlighten me, please!
  12. everything i have ever seen from MCN has been pro honda.

    plus the 8 to 2 result is just way too unbelievable.

    what was the poll based on. we need the metrics and information about the sample audience.

    I find it extremely hard to believe a honda cbr1000rr is more reliable than a suzuki bandit 1200/1250. there are many bandits with over 200thou i wonder if there are any 1000rrs with that many on the original engine.

    id like to know how they determined reliability?

    or did they just say: email in and tell us if your bike is reliable or not.

    please ](*,)
  13. Your questions are valid, but since you admit you don't know anything about the survey either I think it's a bit premature to decide it was 'bs' just because you didn't like the results.
  14. true. but i find it highly unlikley since reality is much of a muchness between the big 4 except for a few brand and bike specific faults.

    i generally dislike hondas for their blandness and the fact that they are pervieced to be reliable but have seriously poor reg/recs and stators and valves on their competition dirtbikes yet continue to churn them out without fixing these small problems. kwackas and zooks also have these probs but not as much and the camchain phenom seems to be across most bikes.

    if you want a reliable bike there are a handfull that you could buy from any of the jap manufacturors. eg yammys have the most reliable race enduros, kawa and suzuki have had a bunch of reliable big bore roadies and dualsports and honda has the reliable toureres and the xr's.

    really i think its more of a bike by bike basis these days than saying one mob is better than the others. that and biased personal experience/preference
  15. I lived with the facts for a lot longer than I should have done. Every Honda over 200ccs I ever owned was a heap of dull, badly designed and made rubbish.

    50 Bazillion C90 step-thrus (which I happen to think is a brilliant bike) have no bearing on whether their more "prestige" products are any good.

    Do I look bothered?
  16. I lived with the facts for a lot longer than I should have done. Every Honda over 200ccs I ever owned was a heap of dull, badly designed and made rubbish.

    50 Bazillion C90 step-thrus (which I happen to think is a brilliant bike) have no bearing on whether their more "prestige" products are any good.

    Do I look bothered?
  17. who fugen cares what bike is better, as long as your riding, thats all that matters
  18. I don't want to enter a controversy, but I think Yamaha clearly shts all over Honda. I strongly suspect Suzuki does too! The survey was probably a result of the nicest people only saying nice things.

    Oh, and at this point in life, my gleaned wisdom tells me that, if Patb thinks so, it probably is so! :)
  19. A survey of peoples' opinions is very different to comparing hard quantitative data.

    Not that I have strong feelings either way about this list.
  20. It's probably one of those first year ownership surveys like they do with cars. Means zip.

    I don't like Hondas. Mainly because of their rabid, slightly overweight fanbase. But hey, I've no doubt they build some great bikes. Yamaha, then Suzy, then Honda, then Kawasaki.

    I hate Kawasaki.