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this - On purpose multiple SMIDSY, Video

Discussion in 'Your Near Misses - A Place to Vent' at netrider.net.au started by sbb, Jun 7, 2012.

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  2. Re: this

    yeah I'd be sending that one into the police. Thumb drive, walk in, make a report, hand over the footage. You have the plate number?
  3. Re: this

    did all that .. apparently not illegal .. go figure (will write more later)

    even though he saw me .. video shows he saw me . he is in my lane with me twice ..
    the cops said driver would just say they were in my blind spot and didn't see me, so no point to report it ... so effectively the the SMIDSY defence would be valid for him in a way.

    anyone want to buy my bike!

    over it

  4. Re: this

    Pretty sure trying to run someone off the road is illegal.
    N harm in persuing this further to be honest. They may have just said there was nothing illeagal there because you weren't hurt and they couldn't be arsed doing anything about it.
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  5. Re: this

    maurice balckburn?
  6. Re: this

    Yeah, cops won't do anything because you're not dead.
    If you were, they'd blame you anyway.
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  7. Pm them. This is what they're here for.
  8. Re: this

    It your own fault. You were doing 68. Lucky you didnt break your neck.
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  9. This just shits me to tears.

    You get r.aped legally for speeding because of the claimed POTENTIAL to cause injury - and here's a deliberate threat that a cop just shrugs his shoulders about.

    The hypocrisy is astounding.

    SBB, seriously think about sending that to your local state member, and cc the relevant police and transport ministers, shadow ministers and MCCofNSW.
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    Not related to [URL="
    ]this guy[/URL] were they?
  11. Holy screaming SMIDSY's mate. Well done for keeping you act together. Driver would've ended up with my boot in the door.
    Police? Smalleesh! Useless laws and no respect.
  12. The event, about 11.50pm last night

    Just prior to the video .. on anzac bridge, pouring down .. was in 3rd lane .. as people know drivers are crazy on that bridge and is often covered in diesel so was cruising along being careful.

    Heaps of cars in the left two lanes and red lights ahead at victoria road. So left my lane change (to the second lane) until traffic stopped at the red, so that put me behind this guy.
    so nothing, absolutely nothing happened, other than rolling at walking speed into a spot behind him while everything was stopped.

    So, have had done NOTHING to him at all.

    Continued on and a quite a distance later,

    i went past him, fair enough,

    He came back past and next to me and was looking at me (when my head turns in the video) now. as this guy was ahead of me and no incident before i figured like soooo many ‘dudes’ in commodores i get heaps of thumbs up attention being on a loud motard .. so figured it was this. (i did not notice at the time, as i was looking at his face, that he was already coming into my lane on that pass as well) with pissing down rain in the dark i couldn't judge any facial expressions and was more keen to be looking ahead.

    Then he dropped back, again in my head it was normal, maybe he was turning left.

    Then bam! Of course the gopro is on full wide angle so in reality i saw him only at the last second when he was REDICULOUSLY close. It really does not show well on the camera when on top of a helmet.

    From previous nutcase experiences i have learnt that only bad would come of confronting him at the next lights. Just wanted to get his plates.

    I do not remember the rest of the trip home.

    In the past i have had amazing idiots try and hit me, one after a smidsy even threatened to shoot me. Some so desperate i have had to kick cars etc etc ... Nothing as calculated as this with absolutely nothing happening at all to make this guy flip out.

    according to police there is not enough to take any action. Some comments are also that there was nothing illegal done.

    Sbb, shaky and wants out of the bike business
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    probably not .. that guy was at least annoyed by something the bike did did (even if not valid) ;)

    This guy just slowed down from well in front to have a couple of goes at me ..

    maybe it is a sport now?

  14. Well, lets all take copies of this clip and carry it around with us. Now we can all say it's ok to lane split and filter. Clearly it's not illegal as the cop told us it's not illegal. If cars can lane split and filter us, then so can we.
    I hope you took the details of cop and hope you will send a letter to your local MP.

  15. Re: this

    This has gone far enough. It's bad enough some petty popo unilaterally deciding that THEY are the authority who will decide which laws will apply to who, but now we've got them actively providing advice and encouragement for drivers who go out and mow down riders.

    When is someone in the justice system going to rein in these fukn cowboys?
  16. Would it be ok if I/we shared your video on FB and copy n paste you comments above with it .... let it go viral that way as well ???
  17. not quite yet actually. i am going to try a different police station tonight before i start letter writing.

    and if it is eventually to be spread, i think it best to have a better written set of comments to go with it.
  18. Cool :)

    Hope it works out for you ... stupid cager ](*,)
  19. Might be worth seeing if Maurice Blackburn can help you out bringing attention to this. Disgraceful doubt standards shown by the cops.
  20. How can the cops ignore this?

    you have evidence of someone trying to run you off the road.. how is that not illegal or worth pursuing the car owner..

    the **** has this world come to?