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This oil cooler?

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' at netrider.net.au started by mattb, Dec 19, 2007.

  1. This oil cooler is frequently on eBay and is a good deal cheaper than the brand name units the mc shops sell (eg $160). What do I need to find out to determine whether this is suitable for a 500cc bike? (Want to buy a cooler cheaply myself, then take it to an oil line manufacturer to get the lines made and fitted).

  2. Sorry to say it mate but have you heard of the expression usless as tits on a bull :LOL:

    Seriously all it will do is add bling factor and thats about it.

    as far as cooling oil its only use is adding additional capacity to your system
  3. Well it wouldn't do any harm, based on the fact that your bike was designed to survive without an OC, if I remember my mate's SR correctly.

    But I'd agree with Brucey that it won't have much positive effect either. It might knock a couple of degrees off if you can mount it so that the fins are parallel to the airstream (ie front-rear orientation) but I can't see how you'd do that neatly. For the effort involved the cost-benefit analysis doesn't add up.

    If you really want an OC, and a "machined from solid" type at that, you'd be better off looking at some of the units sold for Harley's (and probably other bikes too but H-D bits are probably easiest to find). There a a few quite neat ones with the fins arranged properly to let you mount the cooler between or alongside the frame downtubes and still gain some benefit.

    I'd question the effectiveness of any "billet" type cooler, but as a supplementary unit you can probably get away with it. If you've got serious cooling to do, the best bet is still a thin-walled, radiator core type construction. Doesn't look as trick but then, stuff that works often doesn't :? .
  4. I'm more skeptical about gimmicks than most people, but I'd have to disagree with you there. These type of coolers are used in industry all the time and are quite effective.

    In fact, if you are doing a lot of riding in traffic, then they may actually be better, because they can dissipate heat with minimal air flow.

    oil coolers only need to dissipate a small amount of heat to be effective.

    I'm not saying that picking a random after-market one of these is better then a traditional type specifically designed for the bike, but it will help and it will be better than nothing.