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This morning

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by firefling, Nov 14, 2005.

  1. After 2 weeks of not riding due to faulty rear LH indicator almost falling off and front brake light switch requiring a good cleaning, I finally got off my lazy butt yesterday and reattached the indicator firmly with tape and cleaned the contact points on switch. This morning, sun is shining, barely a breeze and fairly cool, it's perfect for riding! Wheeled the bike out, started him up and immediately a grin splits my face. Since then I can't stop grinning.

    Around my streets revving the engine and terrorising some locals :twisted:, swerving left to right, not so much as to "warm the tyres" but to feel the bike respond and obviously he feels the day too cause it's he's flitting around light as a feather. Onto the freeway and the I'm hemmed in by trucks and slow cars. The bike weaves in and out of traffic until we clear the slow ones and pelt along with the song "Shine" in my head. In the city, pull up next to a learner on a scooter and found out that she's only been riding for 3 weeks and she's having time of her life. Not sure whether she heard me but I told her Friday night at Southbank :D

    It's the euphoric feeling and adrenalin rush that I love being on the bike after so long. Been a good morning so far, hope everybody is having a good one too ;)

  2. Well, minna, if it wasn't before, it ought to be after reading this :LOL:
  3. Hey Minna, good to hear you're back on the road! :D

    I had a great start to the day too. I finally finished moving house over the weekend and I thought it'd take me longer to get to work from the new place, but I did it in less than 15 minutes! :D

    If I was in a cage, I'd probably still be banging my head on the steering wheel in traffic somewhere!!

    P.S. So how was the steak in the end?? :p
  4. I had an early start to the day - took myself off to PHILLIP ISLAND RACETRACK. Never riden down there before. Took the back way down thro' Packenham & Koo we rup then juggled semis on the Sth Gipp Hway. Finally the smell of sea air added to the thrill of crossing over the bridge for the 1st time. Big smile.
    Spent the morning hanging around in the pits oggling @ Ducatis. Then got a spin on the track (as pillion). Awesome.
    Made my way home again before than rain came.
    Great day in all :D :D :D