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This man wants to be Prime Minister?

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by smee, May 18, 2010.

  1. Abbot is telling us more or less he talks shit unless it's scripted.
    In an interview yesterday on the 7.30 report he more or less spoke shit about speaking shit.

  2. Hmmm, not as big a deal as what many would like to think it is.

    Then again, he was talking shit as opposed to turning to shit everything he touches like the federal labor party at the moment.
  3. I like the way he has had a go at the Faliure to implement the ETS, when it was the libs who made the media hoo har to scuttle it.
    F#$k politics shits me. There is no Liberal and labour any more there are just a bunch of clowns, endlessly scuttling each others work no matter what is best for the country.
  4. yeah amazing a polly not telling the truth......is this the end of the world as we know it](*,)
  5. This is why I'm voting informal next election, none of these bastards deserve my vote, so long as there is no viable alternative then fuk em all.
  6. Line from the west wing goes something like:

    "22 calibre candidate in a 44 calibre race"
  7. Isn't it wonderful how US pollies and firearms terminology go together like slicks and bitumen?
  8. he's doing 50 in an intellectual 100 zone?
  9. Yeah, he got a Rhodes scholarship to Oxford, what a deadshit!

    Read the article, he is saying that when he speaks publically it isn't scripted. Howard had much the same approach, compared to the carefully-chosen expressions and phrases of the Labor party.
  10. Or he just doesn’t chose to think to hard about the implications of his statements and is ensuring that he wont be held accountable.
    So where you know that when Rudd sais something it is considered and you can at least try to hold him to it Abbot has basically said, don’t hold me to anything, I might be just bullshitting to you.
    Hmmm there is a man to trust as Prime Minister
  11. It's never a good idea to put up Kevin Rudd as the opposite of a bullshitter.

    Read the article again.
  12. ......."he is a straight shooter"...... he just shot himself on the foot!!! :p
  13. Now that's funny!

    It is a dumb thing to come out and say. He's got to remember that he's running against the best media-managed government Australia has ever seen and he can't afford to cockup like that. I wonder if they got a sound bite out of it? That'd kill him.

    (Note how no Labor government minister has ever said publically how much debt we're in?Even when confronted with it they'll never say it in a sentence.)
  14. that was a stupid thing to say.

    he'd still make a much better PM than KRUDD who follows through on all the bullshit promises that he made... which were illconsidered populist policy
  15. I too have had this revolution ever since I started listening to the political broadcasts on ABC radio. Its very much akin to a doctor disapproving the cure for cancer simply because it was not his idea.
  16. I disagree.
    Abbott is just as much of a populist as Rudd, and he hasn’t shown any real policy backbone.
    You may not like Rudds promises, but he made em, and Kept to them to the greater part.
    I find it quite amusing how many people attack him because of the things he hasn’t done and then just as many for the things he has done. He has stuck to his policy line better than any politician I have seen since… since… Hmm for quite a while.
    Oh that is right we have had lying little Johnny for way to long.
  17. and he wont untill closer to the election. he would be stupid too.

    he made em without thought, kept them and stuffed them all.
  18. Much, much more so. Since becoming leader I don't think he has said anything that wasn't designed to attract the "silent majority" that's always so ready to offer an opinion on red-neck radio.

    It is clear he doesn't care if it's good for the country or not, he'll say it to win votes.

    His latest "reduce the number of public service employees" policy is an example of this. It doesn't matter that it won't work because public service job descriptions are so well defined. It doesn't matter that it will cripple may services that people count on. All that matters is that is it sounds like a good grab on 2Gwhatever.
  19. i don't see abbot on sunrise every morning and apologizing to ever minority group just to boost his polls.

    In a strange way, admitting he isnt always honest... makes him pretty honest.

    None of us can say we never say something we don't mean at one time or another.
  20. they are all the biggest criminals in this world, fuk em all