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This looks like fun

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by jd, Feb 22, 2007.

  1. Finally someone is doing something useful with all that research the Russians did on ground effect (google ekranoplan for more on that ;)). Not quite a plane but certainly not a boat or jetski.
    Still a concept at the moment but intended to be powered by two Mazda rotaries giving it a maximum speed of 100kph at no more than 1.5 metres above sea level - it's steered using bars and shifting bodyweight just like a bike :cool:. Expected price is around 50 grand US - pricey but certainly not out of reach (hopefully they might be available for rental someday :grin:).

    More info:
  2. Damn squid! Should be wearing a jacket...
  3. They'll ban them on Sydney Harbour :roll:.
  4. No he shouldn't....

    he's squidding :LOL:
  5. question......

    Where can I get one?? :grin:
  6. What? a Squid?

    just dive to the bottom of the gene pool :grin:
  7. No there are plenty of those in this town already :shock:

    I'm talking about the thing the squid is riding
  8. It's not like he'll get road rash if he has an off. unless you mean life preserve jacket... :p
  9. I could use a Trailerload of those things.
  10. That idea came out thirty years ago, in 1977. :wink:

  11. I want one!!!!! gime gime gime (not the POS one pat showed us too)
  12. :rofl: :rofl: