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This looks like fun: snowbiking

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' started by Loz, Feb 6, 2009.

  1. one word = COOL! :grin:

  2. geez you are becoming a yesterday news reporting man.......this was posted about 2 weeks ago (i think from memory) :LOL:
  3. One question: Do they make a kit for my Tiger 1050? ;)

    (Actually, I've always wanted to buy a pair of dedicated snow tyres for my mountainbike and give that a go.)
  4. :) A countersteering sled bike in the flesh... suck eggs all you "lean is caused by gyroscopic precession" religious fanatics...

    oops. :oops:



    Cool article Lozzobear!
  5. Actually Rob, they don't countersteer, you have to steer INTO the turns as you lean in.

    I don't know if that roots your argument or not, but that's how it works. :)
  6. Once steered I can imagine the front sled needs to point into the turn, but to initiate a turn I'm struggling with the idea that there's no countersteering. There's rake and trail...
  7. but if you're gonna say that, then wouldnt pointing the front sled into the turn once steered, be a steering adjustment in itself? and thus if it acts upon countersteering, this would cause it to turn the other way you originally hoped for. you cant "part countersteer, part not".

    maybe they're jsut weighting the inside peg? :p

    EITHER WAY, looks farkn sweet! :grin: what is the cost of a snowski anyway? maybe buy a dirtbike and permanently fix one of these if its remotely viable?
  8. My god I wants one, immense fun, although Alpine Resorts management in oz would throw me in jail in about 3 minutes flat :? or as soon as they catch me. :LOL:
  9. Same as on your bike. Once leaned the front wheel naturally turns into the turn.
  10. :shock:
    That looks awesome. I wouldn't recommend using the side stand however. :p