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This looks healthy

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by jd, Jul 10, 2008.

  1. I just looked at the packaging of my lunch, kinda wish I hadn't:
    Mmmm the authentic Thai taste.........of artificial chicken :-s :shock: :eek:hno:

  2. Reminds me of the "Authentic imitation woodgrain" proudly advertised about 15 years ago in an Australian family-car brochure. :LOL:
  3. Ah yes, bit like the "genuine synthetic leather" that often gets used (or genuine "pleather" in the case of Toyota adverts).
  4. Who knows, maybe artificial chicken is healthier than the steroid filled, genetically modified factory grown meat chicken we get nowadays!
  5. jd, that is not a Mans lunch.
  6. LoL!

    I remember when I went to Thailand last year, I bought a pack of cigarettes and up the top of the pack it had a warning... It read as follows:

    "Warning: Smoking cigarettes may lead to permanent death".

    As apposed to the kind where you wake up a few hours later? :LOL:
  7. Hmm I think the artificial chicken they refer to is something like this:
    Certainly tastes like sawdust....salty, spicy, gritty, sawdust.
  8. I can't believe that you eat that crap. Ballarat is full of good food places. Go find some. Never parade that crap in front of us again, especially at lunchtime. 50 netriders have probably just spewed on their computers.
  9. Yeah but I'm 15km from Ballarat, and apart from the schnitzel sandwiches the Uni cafe doesn't have much to offer (and there's only so many schnitzels a person can eat).
    Besides the noodles are cheap (and so am I :LOL:).
  10. Those disgusting looking instant noodles make Buddha cry
  11. :LOL: :LOL:
  12. Sorry, but that is incorrect. I'm not a fan of battery chickens by any means but regulations (in NSW, at least) covering the rearing of chickens for meat do not allow the use of steroids or even antibiotics.

    Does anyone remember the butter ad? Kid asking mum "how do you make butter?" Mum answers "you get cream, add a little salt and churn it etc etc" Then the kid asks "how do you make margerine?" and mum answers "ask your dad, he's the industrial chemist" (or something like that)