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This just shows the hypocrisy [vic]

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by mikkey, Aug 1, 2009.

  1. FFS...

    It's not the cops who make the rules... It's the politicians.

    This is media sppiiiiiiiiiiiiiinnnn.

  2. It's not the politicians that enforce them or give us roadside lectures when we go over, though. Either way, meh.
  3. Hah, that isn't even the tip of the iceberg. Seems every time I see the plod round here they're breaking at least one law. Last time it was entering a roundabout. Nothing wrong with that, except he was buckling up while he was doing it. Stop signs additionally do not apply. Right of way isn't that important and indicators are only if you can be bothered. And the never to be forgotten almost cleaned up by a cop moment after he didn't bother checking at a T-intersection, then being pulled over by him straight after and told I was speeding! Luckily that day he was in a good mood and decided to let me go with a warning not to tel... I mean Speed again.
  4. Poli's make the laws in consultation, have no doubt. The current philosophy on speed is a Vicpol ideology... and conveniently ignores that inappropriate speed kills, not speed itself.
  5. No suprises there....... as the famous simpsons quote goes "who's going to police the police??" "i don't know...... coastguard"

    Regardless of who does what...... the current strategy of Speed Kills isn't working as the road toll is higher than last year.
  6. I thought the policy was designed by that mob at Monash? :shock:
  7. I think if they were NOT given fines then that would be hypocrisy! How the hell you can say it is hypocrisy because people who do a particular job get low level speeding fines has me confused? I think it just shows that speed cameras don't discriminate! Nothing more, nothing less!
  8. This will always be the question and issue whilst the OPI are running the show. What is needed is a Royal Commission to give a true account of the issues and give transparency.

    The stats say other wise: http://www.tacsafety.com.au/jsp/statistics/roadtollcurrent.do?areaID=12&tierID=1&navID=1

    Where did you get your info from?
  9. MUARC do research and provide the twats in parliament with the data.

    They don't make policy as such.
  10. The MUARC consulted with the pollies by suggesting more speed cameras.
  11. I thought that the professor at MUARC made his recommendations (from the results of his surveys), and if that fell in line with what the government wanted then they made policy from what he recommended and then he got his funding for the next cycle......? :shock:

  12. Yeah, it is true... The police don't make the rules, politicians do. The plod just enforce them. And while there is not a standing "police force" for keeping the plod in line, its not exactly as if they can do *whatever* they want.

    Although it is only fair for us, as the citizens, to expect the ones whom enforce these laws to follow them to the letter.

    That they were fined for it is all good and well, but is beside the point IMO...
  13. Absolutely!

    And who do MUARC get their advice from?

  14. It is the pigs who pressure the government and run their own propaganda campaigns to make it appear as though they're doing something useful.

    We should introduce tougher restrictions as to who can hold a license and drive, thus allowing the speed limit to be increased because of better and more attentive drivers being on the roads.

    Idiots are a danger at any speed, and there are far too many of that type on the road already.
  15. I agree, but yet I must disagree. While there are some people with questionable driving ability on our roads, how would you differentiate between those who are fit for driving and those that are not? Stricter/more frequent tests? Or something more arbitrary such as an observation/reaction assessment? A license is a privilege but this is taking that to elitist levels. After all, the best driver in the world has it in him to be dangerous at 110kph if he is fatigued. How many people do you know who travel below the posted limit if they know they are tired/have had a few?
  16. Actually, re-testing for driving licenses should be implemented, IMHO. It's surprising when you talk about road rules how many people don't know them, don't understand them or flagrantly flaunt them. And that's not even taking into account driver ineptitude.

    License renewals should happen every three years, and a re-test should be performed at the same time. And for motorcyclists, said test should be free, because we've already paid $70 in our TAC discriminatory-motorcycle-penalty-tax. :p
  17. My personal opinion on driver retesting, never ever ever ever give any of our incompetent governments any chance to use your licence as a way of further raising revenue, or in any way screwing the populace over, they dont care for safety unless there is revenue to be made from it
  18. You know, on several levels I am inclined to agree with you. Conceptually, regular driver retesting has its merits. However given the political and financial hurdled associated with this (lets face it, it would be unpleasant costly and inconvenient) there is again the issue of setting a test that is hard enough to pick up the appropriate drivers but not so hard that its stupid.

    There is also the issue of appeals (more time and money), and as with everything, if you've got enough money and know the right people, you will pass no matter what you do.

    Like I said, conceptually brilliant and effective, but not very likely to ever happen.

    Not to play the Devils advocate or anything...
  19. Back to the OP


    Off-duty police officer caught drink driving allegedly at 0.127

    AN off-duty police officer was allegedly almost three times the legal limit when he crashed his motorbike this morning.

    The Sen-Constable was riding his motorbike along the Western Hwy (Ballarat Rd) in Albion early this morning when he crashed, causing three other cars to collide.

    Deputy Commissioner (Traffic) Ken Lay told 3AW the Sen-Constable had a blood alcohol reading of 0.127.

    “It’s a very high reading and on a motorcycle as well,†Mr Lay said.

    “When he came off there’s been a collision with three other cars.â€

    Mr Lay said no one was injured in the crash.

    The Sen-Constable has been charged with exceeding the prescribed concentration of alcohol, driving an unregistered motorcycle and careless driving.

    Mr Lay said he was extremely frustrated at the member’s behaviour.

    “We expect more of our members,†he said.

    “It’s a really bad message for the community and it undermines the road safety message.

    “Our members need to get it (the road safety message) and they need to be an example to the communty.â€