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THIS is why you wear gear!

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by Kraven, Feb 10, 2006.

  1. Stolen from another board


  2. she was pretty too :\

    well, is.

    that must've been god awful painful :\

    BUT, i have to say... going light speed without race gear, thats what tends to happen :\

    this 'sean' charactor seems to blame himself, as would i unless she had a gun to my head screaming "fcuk the leathers, throttle this sucker!"

    i wouldn't wish this apon anyone (ok, maybe a couple of people).

    take note thrill seeking squids out there...
  3. How lucky is she? I expected those pics to be a LOT worse.
  4. slid 550ft doubt it, parachuted off due to visor opening doubt it. She should've hung on better.
  5. There's actually 16 photos on that site (numbered 1 - 16 obviously), of various people. Sure does make you think.
  6. Any pix of the half of her titty that stayed on her? :grin:
  7. Bloody idiots :shock: :eek:
  8. Geez I winced when I looked at those no helmet pics...

    so was the girl who came off the back wearing ANY gear, or not?
  9. phwoa man.. that girl is very nice looking, poor thing, people can be so careless sometimes, how can you not wear gear going on a freeway, im 18 and i would consider myself pretty stupid at times, but that is beyond stupid, especially not wearing a helmet..

    if she was wearing gear would her injuries be much smaller?
  10. I came off at the track at around 150kph 8 years ago, wearing full gear of course.

    All I had to show for it was a few bruises, and some light "carpet burn" grazing and scratches on the skin where the leather was between me and the bitumen. Pretty much like if you were walking and tripped over and grazed your knee or something.

    Still wearing that exact same leather suit, 8 years on. Has some light grazing on it in places, but overall it's still in very good condition considering...

    So long as you don't hit anything hard (aside from the ground) before you stop, when wearing full gear you can walk away from most crashes with little more than grazing.
  12. can you get helmets without visors?
  13. <---------------- See my avatar.
  14. yyour gear, do you wear kneepads? and like you would have the jacket and pants? or do you get the gear that goes all in one? and are the boots essential when riding? so you dont brake your ankles n stuff? you know those big plastic boots that look pretty cool..?? also dont people wear like a med-light strong jacket under their strong jacket asswell so its almoost double protection!?
  15. That true?

    To me, sounds like rubbish.. :?

    If anything when speeding, ya visor shuts tight, not flys open

    Doesnt make sense to me :?

  16. ah care to back that up with a 'Netrider Membership' mate? :p
  17. kishy, i rekon it would have been a CHEAP hemlet.. i went helmet searching today, alot of hemlets are costing around $1100, why so much??? does it have like different attributes compered to the 500$ dollers helmets and the 200 doller ones..
  18. mannn those helmets dont protect your face much.. ud be better with a visor one.. dun u agree?
  19. especially at that speed! still you fell off the back of the bike for no reason yould wanna make up an excuse wouldn't you?