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This is why you should wear protective gear

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by Nemesis, Nov 15, 2004.

  1. already knew to wear the right gear, just confirms everything again.... that shit hurts to look at :?

    glad they didn't put any deaths up, i cant stand looking at those
  2. There but for the grace of god go we.

    /not a religious man, but sheesh.
  3. Not pretty...Would be good to get some balanced comments by our resident medicos here and those with similar experiences
  4. What is that thing sticking out by his ankle?
  5. thats a very graphic pic,it does get the message out however.poor guy.
  6. Damn, i'm at work and i opened that up... closed it quickly :)
  7. I remember seeing these kinds of images when I was younger, and this is why I never ride without head-to-toe coverage.

    This little post turned my stomach - but it's what happens.
  8. Man I reall can't understand why you'd even take the risk.

    You're your own person & It's up to you what you where but if I see someone in shorts, thongs, singlets/tshirts I can't help but shake my head. I've got my dad to thank for teaching me that proper safety gear is worth its weight in gold.

    Good post Nemesis. Nothing like a visual slap in the face to wake you up.
  9. kewl pics, so anyone for cheese and crackers?
    Unfortunately it's not the worst pics i've seen from the net, there are alot more graphic ones out there.
  10. This goes with what i say about all the ad campagnes about speeding and drink driving . Some people just cant be educated. Whether its 20 or 40 degrees . always wear ur protective gear.

    The pics are a product of the way some of these Rossi Road Warriors think. It is sad that these der brains go out on the road like that. But each to their own I guess.... They probably have uv lights under their cars too.

    I just figured out a new activity to try out on your friends and family.
    Try out various Mediterranean Accents with the above post... "Very GraphicS". You lose points for not sounding the S on the end. Lots of fun for children of ALL ages.

    Cheers all.

  12. ouch.

    i have to say when i came off my bike at 60km/h i had nothing like that sort of severity of injury (it was on a gravel road)

    i had a couple of lacerations on my arms and neck and bruises but nothing that severe... all i was wearing was a footy jearsey under a driz-a-bone and a pair of jeans with work boots :-O

    just shows the damage tarmac can do to you.

  13. OMG :shock: That made me feel sick :cry: I am soo happy I always wear my gear.

    Lisa :twisted:
  14. I just got some really daggy leather pants for nics :shock: .
    That makes me sure I'll wear them!
    Its not a fashion parade after all is it!
  15. i have a second job as a trauma cleaner. ive seen some pretty nasty stuff in my time but when you see a motorbike helmet it still sends a freezin cold shiver down the spine :oops:
  16. I wear a jacket (Dririder) and boots (Medals) but rarely wear protective type pants, strong denim jeans usually as close as I go.

    Bought some Dririder Arctic that were on special the other week but they're not a great fit, also that thick they're good for the Icicle ride and deep winter, gotta invest in some draggin's soon I reckon.