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This is why you never touch someone else's bike

Discussion in 'Multimedia' started by RRdevil, Oct 14, 2013.

  1. It never ends well

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  2. that's one way to dispense justice
  3. Far out, I guess that's Brazil for you.
  4. I lie it, why can't we do that here ?
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  5. Live by the sword die by the sword

    Everybody except the owner of the bike seemed to have a gun.
  6. Pity the copper didn't get the other guy too.
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  7. I don't ever recall having a bike jacking problem when I'm out on the bike :D
  8. fcuking hell! Talk about karma!
  9. Far out! It is a shame the other guy got away.
    When I first got a bike I was to be so scared for some reason of this happening, just being pulled off the bike, of course that does not really happen in australia(Not to say it never happens). But god damn, I don't know what I would do in that situation.
  10. F#ck him! Bike thieves deserved nothing less.
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  11. Getting held up at gunpoint is not fun - wish that had been the end result for the guys who robbed me in PNG
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  12. This is the cost when you value material objects over living beings.

    The guy may be a gun wielding, lowlife bike thief, but at least he didn't just rock up to the rider and pop two rounds into him in order to take his bike. The cop or whatever he is just executed a criminal in broad day light.

    I wouldn't want to deal with either of these people.
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  13. I'm going to let others discuss this point you made deadsy.
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  14. Simple, the thief didn't shoot the owner of the bike because he didn't need to risk a murder charge to steal it. The other guy shot the scumbag thief because he could probably get away with it. Tough justice in that part of the world.
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    I agree completely. The reason most cheer at this video is because, ultimately, "revenge", "eye for an eye", type thinking is ingrained into the human mind.

    What bothers me most is the use of the word, karma. Somehow it has become the default personal revenge mechanism for everyone. As if the "victim" is owed, by some natural process, your sense of justice. Yeah right.
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  16. The criminal doesnt shoot the victim usually because they dont want to ruin the bike or draw more attention. Bikes theft like that are fairly common in that part of the world. Suffered myslef, and yes, you don't wanna be in that situation.

  17. You and I must have watched different videos. In the one I watched, the thief is pointing his gun at the officer when the officer shoots. That's not an execution.
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  18. it's not Brazil.
    that's in Footscray
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  19. I'm fist pumping
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