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This is why you don't want a cheap helmet

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by dima, Dec 17, 2012.

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  1. Not much to say. Watch this:

  2. I couldnt believe what happened. I thought all helmets provided some protection. Glad i have an Arai.
  3. Guessing the cheap helmet in that vid doesn't get an AS sticker.
  4. No way it can get any sticker :)

    Not a concern for us, but I probably understand the value of the thorough helment testing processes we basically pay money for (e.g. AS stickers).
  5. Despite the fact that it does look like he hit the second one harder, that's just styrofoam v fibreglass. The crucial factor you cannot see is how much energy was absorbed before the mallet went through. Cyclists helmets properly shatter. When i was 13 or 14 went to a show day put on by the Hurstville cyclist group and an Olympic medallist was there. He brought the remains of a helmet he crashed in with him, it was in four pieces. Without it he would probably be dead.

    It's also not too common to run into a hammer shaped obstacle in a bike crash, but lets not worry about that.
  6. Yes!

    Probably the most important criteria of helmet design is that it reduces the energy transferred to the wearer's skull. Wearing an indestructable titanium-alloy sphere for a helmet won't do much good if it absorbs no energy in the impact and instead transmits it straight to the wearer's skull.

    (Secondary to this, motorcycle helmets have to survive abrasion/sliding and some other requirements... But apart from that, destruction of the helmet isn't necessarily 'bad'. From an energy-absorption standpoint, destruction is good!)
  7. I'm curious to do the crash test on my damaged Shark Vision R sitting in the garage :)

    Pretty sure it won't just brake apart.
  8. Not sure what the video is supposed to prove?

    Non standards approved helmets are crap? well no shit Sherlock.

    Doesn't mean we should pay though the nose for the AS though...
  9. (Aside from my above "It's complicated..." post)

    dnagir, I took a 2kg club hammer to my Shark RSX to try to render it unservicable after it'd reached the end of its useful life. I did not have much success in destroying the outer shell. Impressive integrity with respect to surviving a fairly localised impactor.
  10. should have tested with his head in it lol
  11. Who said it proves anything? Nothing to prove. It's "The Pub", see?
    I was sincerily surprised to see how it literally brakes apart.

    Thought some would too. Glad it wasn't a surprise for you :)

    Thanks for sharing.

    See, guys, see... I told ya.
    Still want to crush mine though :)
  12. Well the title says...

    You most likely could purchase that helmet here, and no helmet that behaves like that would pass any of the common standards.

    The implication is that cheap helmets behave like that, and they don't.

    Am I reading too much into it? Maybe but it's shown many time that expensive isn't necessarily best.
  13. Repost. Numerous times.
  14. Also in the wrong forum :rolleyes:
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.