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This is why you check your mirrors when stopped at a traffic light

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by spawn, Apr 7, 2010.

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  2. Ouch.

    Interestingly, I've found that I can adjust my mirrors to be useful when riding, or useful when at a light. I can't do both :(
  3. I don't have any mirrors :(
  4. Obviously you've never been in this situation or you would know that this sort of thing happens so quickly that there is nothing you can do......
  5. obvious eh?

    clearly the best solution (safest) is to filter to the front then
  6. :-({|=
  7. You have two mirrors… they don’t have to be set the same.
  8. People are stupid enough to rear end cars daily, imagine them doing that to the car and not even noticing there was a bike behind it too. FILTER!
  9. are you serious hornet??
    it sounds like you may have been rear-ended before, and thus feel it's inavoidable.

    i try and watch my mirrors all the time when i know i'm the last vehicle in the queue (and yes i know even if there's a car behind you stationary, you can still be shunted), and i flash my brake lights to alert drivers of my presence. i'd like to think i have a minimal amount of depth perception to tell whether or not a vehicle is slowing down for me and the lights. if you ARE looking and cant tell a garbage truck is approaching you at enough speed to spread bikes across the road 20-30 metres behind it, then i dont think you should be on the road.
  10. I am completely serious, and I have been rear-ended, and been in situations where it COULD have happened. Obviously if you CAN get to the head of the queue it limits the possibility, but there are many situations where you can't, and I'm simply stating a fact of timing a physics that these things happen almost instantaneously, and all the forum wisdom doesn't count for anything when one second you're sitting upright and the next split-second you're on your back on the ground....
  11. wow thats terrible, your not even safe when stationary

    It is legal to filter when the other traffic is stationary isnt it?
  12. I think the point is hornet, you can either just sit there and take it up the arse, or you can be diligent in paying attention to your surroundings and stand a chance.

    There have been stories on here of people who have been paying attention to their mirrors and because so have managed to avoid being involved in a situation, so it's not just 'forum wisdom'.
  13. There's heaps of threads on that topic, basically not really, its a grey area here in VIC. The risk of being rear ended (including on freeways etc) is real and was brought up during the whole 'bicycle lane' debate. It should be legal, as in, specifically written in that way, but of course, nothing ever happens, nothing changes, we just get more speed cameras.

    "nothing ever happens, nothing happens at all, the needle returns to the start of song and we all sing along like before"
  14. scary stuff, this is 1 of my major concerns when i organise group rides
  15. I have avoided having my car rear ended at 100kmh on highway road works. Someone behind me didnt notice STATIONARY CARS and nearly ploughed into me, but I shot off onto the grass median strip of the road.
  16. I always sit with the clutch in and in gear, Any thing that even looks like its going to rear end me. I drop the clutch and I am away, Has saved numerous times, I also do it in my car,

    The comment under the picture of the burning truck says, a truck and several motorcycles collided,
    Not that the truck ran over several stopped motorcycles,
    Give the newspapers a bit of time, and they will say that several motorcycles hit a parked truck.
    These Journo's annoy the crap out of me, the way they twist things against motorcyclists
  17. Seany has a story to share on the topic.

    What a shocking story in the OP. :(

    If I'm first to the lights and there's traffic about, I stop well short of the line to give me space to manoeuvre just incase the vehcile behind doesn't look like it's going to slow in time. I flash the brake lights too. I don't know if it's saved my bacon because I've never let a car get close enough before starting to roll.

    It's a lot harder to do any of these things if your in a ride group and stuck at lights. It could never happen at a mystery ride though, since all 80 bikes filter up to the front. lol

    Another trick is to reapply the brake lightly when taking off at the head of a column of cars - the driver immediately behind will tend to respond to the brake light and lift off the accelerator...
  18. I think it's right - you've gotta give yourself a chance...

    The problem is - ya sitting there with a big target on your back, you watch diligently as the car behind approaches the stopped traffic you are sitting behind....It is VERY hard to tell (unless it's utterly obvious), whether the guy approaching is going to stop or not...By the time you are able to see that he is actually NOT stopping, there is barely time to to even have the thought of moving, before it's too late.....although sometimes we can get lucky, for sure.

    The car behind is approaching head on, so your depth perception is'nt too good till things get closer...expecially trying to judge it through mirrors.

    If EVER, and I mean EVER I am stuck in that situation where I sense the fear of pending doom, I am out of there, by ducking between a few cars (maybe not necessarily filtering all the way to the front), and hopefully far enough down the line to avoid the cars that get hit and pushed forward.(if it happens)

    It's a tough one to deal with IMHO, unless you filter most of the time as I do, or make sure there are a few cars behind you that are also stopping. (Protection)

  19. ever seen footage of Taiwan traffic ?

    They have a filter box at the front of the lane at the traffic lights for scooters and bikes to filter traffic and stop there so that they get a clear run when the light goes green

    So the Taiwan Government actually promotes filtering
  20. Go Mordeth13!!!