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This is why .... Very sad

Discussion in 'Multimedia' started by Sir Skuffy, Jun 15, 2007.

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  1. #1 Sir Skuffy, Jun 15, 2007
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    Hi all,

    This is why you should not treat the road like a race track and why you should always have your witts about you.


    Remember, as careful as you are, there are other twitts on the road that will ... well..... lets just leave it as that.
  2. that is truely fcuked!

    sympathy for the innocent involved.

    right at the end you see a biker that looks like he's 'getting the hell outta dodge'!? wonder whatsup with that?

    i've posted this account before, it seems fitting givin the vid, of a rider who went for a leisurly ride, like we all do, and ended up paying for somebody elses selfish stupidity. :

  3. did you see the guy on the other bike pissing off right at the end? nice.
  4. From the speed of the accident, how do you know he was pissing off, he may have been riding back to where the bodies of his mates lay, which one would assume to be possibly a few hundred meters back...
  5. Yes, but maybe there were enough people at the scene and that rider went for help?
  6. That was wrong... so so wrong.
  7. definately innappropriate riding for the conditions. if you're going to ride like that, at least treat your lane as the whole road, not the other side of a mildly busy road.
  8. flexy, this shit should have been left for the track!

    the fcuker ran wide before impact. outta control in and outta his lane, imo.

    me wonders what would have happened had he hit a car head on?
  9. 1 less idiot on 2 wheels.

    sympathy for him = 0
  10. fcuking ouch!!! i would have been so pissed off if i were he innocent.

    I think the biker at the end has followed the bike, seen the rider missing and gone back to find him.

    This is one of the reasons i never push 100% on the roads.
  11. Bloody hell that made me feel sick.
    THe guy with the cam still had plenty of bike left to tip it in harder. :shock: Looks like he got target fixation and then it was all over bar the sliding.
    Meh its all speculation anyway
  12. This is why...I don't go near the bike hotspots in the middle of the day, too many wannabe Rossis.
    Total prick of a bloke, soon as I saw that other rider, I'd have been off into the bushes, my lose, my fate. He had enough time to do something about it.

    Regards, Andrew.
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  14. speculation, everyone is an expert :roll:
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