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NSW This is why SMIDSY's will continue...

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by toadcat, Feb 10, 2012.

  1. When ****heads like this not only drive, but preach their dangerous and idiotic habits to others we have a big mountain to climb when campaigning against the SMIDSY.. This is our enemy:



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  2. You're really stretching Toadcat. This guy is not our enemy, maybe re-read it with the 'blinkers off' <--- I fucking crack me up some days fair dinkum.
  3. Now if only we can work out a way to get a hotplate to work on the tank of a bike. Hmmm.... Now that would cause a stir and keep me fed.
  4. That's what exhaust headers are for. OK, so you're limited to whatever you can wrap in foil and tie in place with wire, but they work pretty well :D.
  5. So i could cook fish in there. Works for me.
  6. A hotdog up the exhaust pipe is an option if you're into that kind of thing.
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  7. I thought of that, but without any available source of lubrication it might get stuck in there and cause some discomfort.

    Wait what are we talking about????? 8-[
  8. WTF?!?!? What kind of person talks about 'tweezing'?!?!
  9. Or you could get one of these:


    Perfect for fresh roadkill burgers.
  10. I don't know but I'm getting out of this thread!!!!!
  11. Oh FFS SMIDSYs happen because they're allowed to happen.
    Stupid bints like this one (who have existed forever, and will continue to exist) are allowed to get away with their behaviour, so it never changes.
    How many SMIDSYs have we seen reported recently, with apparently no consequence to the offending driver?
  12. It's impossible to stop SMIDYSYs from happening I think..
  13. .50 cal mini guns integrated into the fairing would incentivize drivers to keep an eye out...
  14. Then again, we are trying to relay POSITIVE public relations. Besides, that would effect aerodynamics, and messing with that stuff is just plain dangerous.
  15. Really?

    really really???

    How about we concentrate on stemming the negative public relations for the time being and concern ourselves with sucking cock when it's appropriate. Now is not the time for knob smoking.
  16. Public relations, hows that gonna help a rider when hes under some idiots front wheel?
  17. I say every time someone get smidsy they get the shit kicked our of them
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  18. Mount a petrol stove on the top of the tank? :D.

    Im a breakfast eater sometimes in the car, but i know im focussing very well on the road, and my glance to check the next bite isnt a mouthful of wrapper is no worse then always looking at the fucking speedo. Cruise control helps there, and also the fact im not dealing with sydney like traffic either.
    Havent tried eating on the bike yet, still have to try boy racers old trick of chicken chips stuffed in the pocket.
  19. I've tried lollies in the pocket on a long haul, but you lose too many trying to get them in your mouth, and the following cars don't really appreciate you platering their windscreen with red frogs...
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  20. They better not be stopping me having my burger chips and drink while on the go. Good luck to then if they are.