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This is why retail in Australia sucks dogs balls

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by smee, Apr 12, 2011.

  1. I'm on the market for a new helmet and have my heart set on the Nolan n102 flip front. Retail price is $479.
    Now of course it seems reasonable so I decided to see if I could better this.
    WELL no matter which Aussie online site the price is the FUKKIN SAME NO ONE is offering them for maybe 10 or 15 bux less and I KNOW that the wholesale price is much less than that so markup is up there.
    Why is there no competition?
    Add to that the cost of postage and IT'S MORE EXPENSIVE than walking into a shop and buying it.
    I would have thought even our own sponsors here would offer a discount but NOOOOOOOOOOOO $479 plus postage
    Pity you can't order OS as they don't have the aus standards sticker on them

  2. So support small guys like me Smee

    I dont spend money on advertising rather give away prizes etc on forums like this and rely on word of mouth recomendations -- if my stuff is no good words gets around quick and I am out of business

    if word gets around that my stuff is good then it keeps me afloat and I can continue to offer goos gear at good prices and back up service even though i am one guy working out of my front room

    PS - I have a yellow carbon fibre helmet by the way - well we sprayed it safety yellow for a friend of mine - do you want one ?
  3. Pass mate I want a fliptop for good reasons maybe on 5 years time when you make one I'll defo buy it :)
  4. so you can easily flip it up to hurl obscenities at people while you are riding smee? lol
  5. You know me too well mate ;)
  6. I tried a flip up. Hated it.
  7. Nope - it's so he can flip it up to scare dogs and small children :)
  8. Bet you can negotiate with a flesh and blood salesperson. And try it on.
    A mean really, no-one pays full retail in a shop - at least not for 3 figure items.
  9. good luck if you do, I tried initially to get money off that one, they wouldnt budge. They knocked money off for thr RJays I bought but just didnt want to for the nolan.

    Still, I also ended up with a helmet from takami hehe
  10. Got a deal on the Zeus (c'mon Smee, you know you want to - it's written in the stars! ;) ). The comms weren't built in but I prefer the internal shade visor.
  11. I heard that the Nolan was heavier, and noisier due to the flip-up mate.... check that out if you will.........
  12. Don't forget the kittens...

  13. I wear earplugs so that isn't an issue, as for the weight it didn't fee that bad.
    I tried the series 2 shark evoline but it seemed like in the winter you'd freeze your chin off as there was no shin flap to keep the wind out and no pinlock antifog which comes standard with the nolan.
    And for all those who want an internal sunshade, what would happen if a stone or whatever chipped it? It would be very difficult to replace whereas the nolan is a cinch to replace or even remove.
    I also like the great big weather seal it has and it was comfy.
  14. I rarely bother shopping locally any more. Retailers here are more often then not more expensive and when they aren't even prepared to budge at all on price when you know there is plenty of margin still in it for them, why bother wasting your time with them. And they wonder why they are losing business.

    You can get most stuff shipped from the US (including shipping costs) cheaper then what it costs here. It only takes a week to arrive as well.

    Sports supplements such as protein and pre-workouts I purchase from the US as well because they're literally half price, if not better. What would normally cost me $300+ in Australia costs me $154.30 (last shipment just weeks ago) from the US, including shipping.
  15. You can't import helmets due to the australian standards stickers which is why the retailers here fuk you over for helmets.
    A nolan in the states is identical to the one here yet is nearly $200 cheaper
  16. What on earth are you complaining about? There is ALWAYS a markup from factory prices unless you're buying direct from them.
    Reducing the price substantially from other competitors could lead to a price war in which everyone is undercutting each other so much that you lose most of the profit anyway.
    The manufacturer probably has price brackets set on items to keep the perceived value of their items up anyway.

    And then don't forget the sales that businesses are losing from internet transactions anyway, so any profit is good profit.
    Sounds like you're whinging about the price of an item as apposed to 'retail in Australia'?
  17. I'm talking about COMPETITION between the RETAILERS
    The price of the helmet is THE SAME wherever you look so it seems like collusion.
    Reread what I've written please Devo.
    do you know how big NOLAN is?
  18. Sometimes wholesalers/importers/manufacturers/brand managers lock in a 'no discounting' deal with retailers. Not saying it's true in this case, but you never know...
  19. What's wrong with the manufacturers/wholesalers setting a retail price, and the resellers sticking to it? If you don't make a margin, you don't stay in business. And as evidenced by the "I buy from overseas" statement, here, and often elsewhere, if the local resellers DON'T cooperate on pricing, they'l ALL be out of business.

    When I was in sales I got undercut plenty of times by people willing to sell for lower margin on the same product, but sooner rather than later they weren't a problem because they went bust.....

    but buy the Nolan anyway, Loz said it even fitted HIS head :LOL:
  20. I was wondering this. A bit like Apple, not matter where you buy an apple product from, it should be the same price (in theory). The price is set by apple, not the store, and they are not allowed to change it (unless it's on sale everywhere). Perhaps Nolan have the same sort of model??