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This is why Arai is the only helmet i'm ever going to wear

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by livingstonest, Jan 29, 2007.

  1. Well considering the helmet dug into the ground straight after the roll bar did I'm surprised he is still alive and his head didn't get ripped right off.
  2. How do you know its an Arai?
  3. I think the big Arai logo gave it away. :p
  4. :facepalm: :oops:

    As the old proverb goes, you should look before you leap.
  5. I thought something similar to this last night, however considering his eyes pointed in different directions and he lost two weeks of memory maybe Arai isn't the brand to wear :p.
  6. I watched the full sement on YouTube yesterday (it's been pulled for breach of copyright) and to be honest the crash wasn't all that big compared to others we've all seen.

    Yes it tumbled but there was no sudden stop involved which is what usually hurts more.

    Me thinks his biggest problem was being an open vehicle it dug in while upside down and his helmet became part of the rollover protection, if it had a roof he probably would've been shaken and bounced around a fair bit but probably not as bad as he ended up.
  7. I was surprised he didn't end up doing the whole Craig Lowndes multiple barrel-roll thing.

    Even so, finding yourself upside down and heading across the grass at 230mph would definitely be an 'oh shit' moment!
  8. You might want to watch again, given he was doing 280mph when it tipped it stopped VERY quickly once it dug in. Compare that to drag car accidents where the cars roll for ages whereas he rolled and stopped dead almost.
  9. If there was ever a sign that was telling the world that your nick is an oxymoron, this post is it. :roll:
  10. Arai's are great. That is the GP5K, the cheaper version (slightly heavier, less vents) of the GP5. The GP5 is used by two thirds of the F1 (and A1GP, GP2, LeMans, FIA GT, F3, etc) grid.

    There is also the GP5W which has different vents and a wider eyeport for closed cockpit cars. Lastly there is the SK-5 which is for karting (no fireproofing).

    I find my RX-7 fits very similarly to my GP5 (and is perfect) and the shell looks almost the same shape. It is true that the different manufacturers have their own unique shell shapes. I tried AGV and Shoei (and Bell in cars) and they just didn't feel quite right.
  11. Are Arais more rounded and Shoeis more of an oval? This is something I've noticed from pictures, could just be me though.
  12. Can't be sure without seeing them side by side but I think you are correct.

    I'll pay special attention for you next time I'm in the store. Will line up Arai, Shoei and AGV together. :wink: