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this is what you do with a trials bike

Discussion in 'Multimedia' started by jasonw, Sep 19, 2007.

  1. #1 jasonw, Sep 19, 2007
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  2. Great find, thanks for posting :cool:
  3. ive been looking for an old trial bike for a while now as a porject. this is just some awesome stuff.

    if anyone knows of any out there for sale. that are reasonable nick, but cheap (ie need a touch of paint and a few little parts) let me know

  4. i want one
  5. Be careful there. Even a few little parts could set you back a lot of money as most of these bikes are European imports from Italy or Spain and have very limited support in Australia.
  6. yeah ive been trying to stay away from those types. was looking more at older Suzuki TY types, basically cause they are a bit cheaper. looking for a cheap fun hoon around project, more fun than a cafe racer anyway
  7. i just sold my beta techno for $2k
    it was a sick bike
    kinda miss it now
  8. Holy crap! Thats Awesome.

    Note to self, get a dirt bike..
  9. That is Da F#$king BOMB!
  10. Thats not a dirt bike though?
  11. No its not, but I can't be bothered having to service a trials bike every few hours..
  12. Luv it!!!!!

    Seen a few cool one's on pushies, and especially a unicycle, that guy was nucking futs!
  13. What gave you the impression they need to be serviced every few hours? At least not my dads its a pretty simply 2-stroke engine.
  14. yeah that was awsome
    :grin: :grin:
  15. OK I exaggerate a bit :) The full on trials bikes do have very small time/km service intervals though yes?
  16. wow that was unreal!
  17. Most trials bikes man these days are heading towards four strokes, ive been looking into getting one for a while, there pretty cheap really. There not really maintenance heavy from what i understand and barely weight anything. So im kind keen to get one to practice my skills on.
  18. Whoa, that was awesome! I want a trials bike! Maybe that guy should put some pegs on the axles so he can grind it properly :grin: