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This is what happens when you ban alcohol

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Ljiljan, Jan 27, 2013.

  1. They look for other vices

    Incidentally, the track in that second vid is called Mercury and Solace by BT and is one of the better trance tracks produced.

  2. And here is a small example of the alternative.

  3. That video should be titled "The biggest collection on Bogans ever assembled in one place".
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    Not quite. I assume it's from the powercruise. It will be bigger at the skids. Altogether though, summernats does about nail it. However, it comes under hot competition from the gazzanats. While less bogans might attend, as you can probably tell from the name, the amount of bogan is more.
  5. Ah no, that'd be Summernats. Summernats is feral with drunken fcuking idiots by 1pm Saturday afternoon. The place looks like a rubbish tip from the ferals, loud mouth piss heads every where.
    Pretty much like any event where you mix loads of alcohol and people in a confined space.
  6. Of which a main feature is the powercruise. Burnouts are generally banned, by banned they mean no sustained skids like that in the video.
  7. Powercruise is another event, quite different to Summernats.
    Summernats have a cruise route, Tuff Street and a new nick name for another area 'Lebo Lane'.
  8. Is that right mr google?
    It might have a different name on the website, but I (and others it seems) have always known it as the powercruise.
  9. Anyway, way off topic. Saudi's are nutcases. Can only imagine what would start happening if alcohol was legalised...
  10. Mr Google, just cos I'm not a gen Y wanker who doesn't get of thier arse.

    Worked at Summernats for 3 years and attended two others. Also worked at Melbourne, Adelaide, Perth & Brisbane Hot rod shows (including judging) and MotorEx. Entered Springnats and attended for about 5-6 years running also entered Easternats.

    The 'powercruise' you speak of is a hand picked bunch of cars who do three laps of the trotting track on one of the nights. I also have done that in my old GM's brand new custom painted VE Senator and lapped in a mates 56 Chev a couple years later.

    Don't confuse me with wanabes who just talk shit and use Google as thier references. It's getting a bit tiring now.

    So you've been I take it?
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    Yeh, once as a kid, once a few years back. Not really planning on returning. Thinking about hitting up World time attack though.