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Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by Sir Skuffy, Jul 28, 2005.

  1. You like the big nakeds don't you Skuffy?
  2. The Munch Mammoth has been around for probably close to 25 years, maybe more. The original ones had an 1100cc NSU car engine in them, (the site was too slow for me to see what they are using now)
    Another bike which answers the question that no-one asked (liek the Dutch guy building a diesel bike, just imagine the vibration, 8-[ )
  3. Yeh, they are a mammoth all right.
    Sort of a German version of the Boss Hoss
  4. It was a 1200 cc.
    It was brutal.
    It was fun.
    Mine was the "normal" version of the 3rd pic from the top.
    I had the standard seat version TT.
    A bit later the injected TTS/E appeared
    The brakes were lousy.
    About 200/year were built. Hand built that is.
    Mine lasted about 300km, destroyed along the way after I picked it up from the factory.
    Tractor pulled out of a dirt-road after looking me in the eye for what seemed 5 mins. Clipped the cultivator-deck that hang off the back and both Muench and I finished up adding some "custom-lines" to the freshly-plowed field.
    I was filthy and s&^t dirt for 2 days....the Muench was a total-bender, back to another CB750/4 :cry:
    Friedel Muench shifted a few years back from the south of Germany to around Duesseldorf/ Cologne, his business folded about 1 or 2 years ago.

    Ahhhhh, memories :D
  5. You shoulda just heard the words out of my mouth when I saw that thing! It'd have some SERIOUS power behind it. That's sick.
  6. The engine in the current Mammut is a 2 litre turbo which I'd be more than happy just to have in my car - 191kW and 380Nm. I also love the specifications which quote the top speed as electronically limited to 250 and acceleration simply as "sufficient".
  7. 191Kw. That is psycho!

    'Sufficient' acceleration eh? So I guess in comparison, the CBR250 sitting in the garage at the moment would have 'Stone Age' acceleration? :p