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This is the kind of demented stuff we are fighting against

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by pro-pilot, Jun 4, 2008.

  1. Well, this is where we are at educating our children?
    Brought to you from the promoters of earth (dumb ass) hour.


    Quite clearly the uneducated and ill-informed are starting to take a laugh at twisting the minds of the less switched on in out society.

  2. The site itself:

    Interesting that even if I was a vegetarian hippy who recycled, didn't own a car, didn't fly, didn't spend any money, used only green energy and lived in a flat with a dozen other people I'd still somehow use up my share before turning 31 :? .

    Seems you have to get a job and buy "environmentally friendly" products to save the environment.
  3. wow, how at the age between0-6.4 did i have the disposal income i now have at 29 to say i have used up all my resources :roll: what a joke....and isn't this a taxpayer funded program too :?: if it is what a waste of money that could be better spent :shock:
  4. I should have died at age 6.5

    ... so why discourage me speeding then?

    Simplistic f@ggotry is what site is: if the world is already in a state, why be telling people what a huge problem they have already been instead of encouraging them to find solutions?

    The kid that perfects the hydrogen fuel cell will probably have been well educated, by a wealthy family who didn't give a rat's about their power bills or how much meat they ate.

    F*$# the over-righteous wankers who preach self-hating drivel. If anyone needs me, I'll be in the garden shed... building something...

  5. Even more interesting, seems you can have the highest possible CO2 output - yet still offset it entirely by just spending 40k a year on "ethical" investments.
    So the message seems to be the only way to save the planet is to earn as much money as possible, so you can then invest as much as possible into the "right" companies.
  6. Very nice. But still a waste of time.

  7. Wow...don't recycle, don't use green energy, don't spend any money on renewable energy stuff.....basically...all the bad things I could do in the quiz, I do....yet....


    Lucky me :roll:
  8. +1 million

    Half my friends are vegetarian/vegan/whatever - that doesn't bother me. What bothers me are the few that make me feel bad because I love my steaks cooked rare and big!
  9. Or the ones that would have you over to dinner and will only prepare you vegetarian/vegan meals, whereas if you had them over to your place, their heads would spin round if you attempted to prepare for them meat. :LOL:
  10. Absolutely. The cow's already dead, not eating it would just mean it died for no reason.
  11. Have you ever smelt a vego's fart! Don't tell me that vegan is healthy :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
  12. If you can stomach it, try this ... next time they make you feel bad, sit down at the table with a piece of uncooked meat, cut a piece off, put it in your mouth and start chewing ... preferrably with some of the blood running down your chin - then watch 'em get up & run for the toilet ... to throw up. Had a vegetarian friend nag me like that all the time and I did exactly that in front of her ... effect as described - and I never got nagged again (well, I did mention that I could build up on that) :grin:
  13. Lot healthier than going around sniffing people's farts and rating them :p.
  14. cmon you have never done it?? :LOL:
  15. +1

    The really scary thing about this is that for once most of us might actually agree with PP... :shock: :shock: :LOL:
  16. I love your reasoning JD! As for vegan farts - they reek of some sort of ripeness!
  17. Vegan farts - the real reason for the hole in the ozone layer... :LOL:
  18. Eat a vegan. It's unfarmed meat, no animals are harmed and the world is a slightly better place afterwards.

  19. Nope. Not gunna. Might have to cop another 68 farts.