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THIS is the golden age of GP

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' started by 2T Terror, Jul 6, 2008.

  1. #1 2T Terror, Jul 6, 2008
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    This is my first post here and it pretty much sums up my motorcycling prefferences.



    From a time when riders were riders and bikes were bikes.

    Sorry to all you 4T die hards, but you have to admit todays MotoGP is a pale comparision.
  2. Lovely stuff, illegally pirated off a commercial DVD......
  3. yeah, the lap times surely show that.

    nice vids though, i remember most of those races and incidents.
  4. there are a lot of nasty looking accidents in those vidoes.
  5. Dearie dearie me. What did you expect.
  6. 500 strokers should still be the premier class. Brilliant stuf. Doohan waving Oil flags at Donington is brilliant.

    Id like to see Casey Stoner ride a 500 stroker (Im laughing inside)

    Oh, and I thought Gardener was American. Learn somthing new everyday
  7. The 500 smokers did have more character than the current bikes and were much more exciting to watch, but that doesn't make them 'better' or the riders more talented.

    It is a different era with different bikes and direct comparisons aren't very relevant.
  8. I disagree. Comparisons are extremely relevant if you want to have an informed opinion of where the sport should go. The current season has been RUBBISH. Capacity reductions, traction control, we don't want to see robots, we want to see real people, fighting their hearts out, beyond the limits, conquering unrideable machines and their own fear.
  9. It's a four-stroke, EU-throttled world out there, as you should know; strokers are finished, even in the 250 class now.

    I'm :shock: ed that you would admit to thinking that the Wollongong Whizz was a yank, though, after all he got his big breaks into GP racing in England!

    And, Loz, I also hate sanitised racing. I'm all for whatever safety features are necessary, but let's not let motorcycle racing go the way of the four-wheeled slot cars..... (except for speedway sprint-cars, of course :LOL:)
  10. yet deep down you love casey stoner, Loz. Its all an act
  11. I'm with you Loz. The 500s were more fun.
  12. If they were still on 500's Rossi would win by the length of the front straight. Racing a 2 stroke and keeping it in the powerband took real skill.
  13. These 800s need to have the tacho needle most of the way around, to be making good power. They can't be the same as a 500, but will be quite peaky, nonetheless.
  14. i loved the raw power, and ultimate skill required to wrangle the 500s.

    but i am also a bit of a technology/gadget type of guy, and enjoy the technological advances that have led to what we are watching now.

    I reckon I/we are extremely lucky to have been able to watch and enjoy both types of racing, because it will certainly be lost on the younger ones.

    at the end of the day, i'm happy to watch any bunch of motorcycles race around a track, from the local speedway (which i love and never miss) right up to motoGP :grin:
  15. Yeah, mate. I am much the same.
  16. That sort of thing can ruin both of our reputations. Steady down.
  17. hahahahaha :grin:
  18. Loz I didn't mean you couldn't make direct comparisons between the racing types, I just meant that direct comparisons where people try and say Agostini is better than Doohan is better than Rossi aren't relevant or terribly useful.

    Simply because they are each the best at racing a particular type of bike and saying one is better than the other isn't valid.
  19. +1
    the skill-set has evolved with the changes.
    impossible to compare.