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News This is the 2017 Victory Octane

Discussion in 'Motorcycling News' started by NetriderBot, Feb 20, 2016.

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    After months of build-up which first began when Victory took on the Pikes Peak Hill Climb, we now have a brand new cruiser from the American company and it’s called the Victory Octane. Despite the hype, what we have here is essentially Victory’s version of the Indian Scout – but that’s not necessarily a bad thing – and it’s priced very competitively.

    Despite the obvious styling cues from the Indian Scout, as well as the engine coming from that bike too (which ironically came from a Victory bike to start with), there’s a very strong chance this will be the best bike Victory has yet produced. The Victory Octane has a number of firsts for the manufacturer – first-ever liquid-cooled engine, most horsepower ever for a Victory bike and it’s also the lightest.

    First to the engine. As mentioned, it is liquid-cooled with 4-valve heads and dual-overhead cams and it produces 104 horsepower and 76 foot-pounds of torque. Geared for quick acceleration, the Octane sprints down the quarter-mile in 12 seconds and rushes from 0-60 mph in under four seconds.

    In relation to the chassis, the engine is a stressed member that connects cast-aluminum front and rear frame sections, with twin tubular-steel backbones for added reinforcement. Up front are 41mm forks and behind it is a laydown shocks mounted 53 degrees off-horizontal, also equipped with preload-adjustable dual-rate springs. Stopping power is by way of a single 298mm disc brakes at both ends connected by stainless-steel lines. The 18-inch front wheel wears 130/70-18 rubber, while the 17-inch rear wheel is wrapped with a 160/70-17 tire.

    Probably the biggest news is the price. At $10,499 it’s the cheapest Victory yet and it’s surely going to send a few shivers down the spines of HD dealership owners. And while we’re a little disappointed that Victory didn’t come up with something more left of centre given their projects prior to the reveal, it seems certain that Victory isn’t going to rest anytime soon and will continue with their new model drive over the next few years. Here’s hoping for an American sportsbike (one that doesn’t go bankrupt).

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  2. Very nice but what a fcuking rip off
    Octane US$$10,499 / AUS$18,995

    Another bullshit Australian pricing option such as the Indian Scout Sixty US$8,999 AUS$17990
    & they sting you more for the black exhaust that is standard in America

    These dealers would be better off pricing realistically
  3. Night rod copy . It actually looks pretty good if u ask me. Great motor, back tyre is a bit skinny though
  4. I do like that bullet/bikini fairing. Could probably get it to fit on other bikes too :)
  5. This is what it needs

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  6. I like it. Far less ugly than the V-Rod/Night Rod and, I think, a fair bit cheaper, even with the Australia Premium factored in. I'd be seriously considering one if I was in the market for a new cruiser with a bit of balls.