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This is so wierd

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Hardhat, Jan 6, 2010.

  1. Is this a push bike, motorcycle or a electric bike?

    All the above?

    You decide


  2. Nice but not at that price, I'll wait for a cheap chinese knockoff ;)
  3. "The bike will appeal to creative, successful people"

    In other words, rich people with more money than sense :LOL:.
  4. wonder if anyone will enter one of those in tour de france
  5. Lycra bottoms, leather top, or Draggins and a yellow jersey?
  6. I would suggest a dose of common-sense
  7. No such thing.
  8. I think the 3kw version is about $9k. Not exactly cheap, but would be a hell of a lot of fun out on the mountain bike trails/fire trails, and you're a lot less likely to be beaten up by a bunch of greenies than if you were on a petrol dirt bike.
  9. 30,000 euros is a ridiculous price for such a bike... i bet the Chinese could manufacture it for $500, and then sell it for $1000.

    Actually ive already modified my pushy with a 1kw motor in the back wheel, and a lithium battery to supply it, and have gone 60km/h on it easy.
    Dont really want to risk more as it has shitty bicycle brakes that are worn out.
    All you have to do is pedal to make it work. sound familiar?
  10. That looks pretty sweet. But I agree, way over priced. You can make your own for a fraction of the price if you have a little bit of knowhow.
  11. u would have to be hard up for brain cells to pay that sort of coin for that sort of contraption !!! :-s