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This is ridiculous!

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' at netrider.net.au started by Kez Across, Jan 12, 2005.

  1. How Pathetic!! 14 Drink driving convictions, 10 convictions for driving for disqualified, and 2 convictions for unlicensed driving..... 26 convictions to this guys name, and he gets 6 months :evil:

    Does someone actually have to be killed by this driver, before he gets a more severe sentence?

    Link to ABC news article

  2. Kez questioned.....Does someone actually have to be killed by this driver, before he gets a more severe sentence?

    Even that's not enough they must be outtta room in pen :evil:
  3. Note that he did 10 of them whilst not being allowed to drive in the first place. Thats the hardest part there (under the current system) - you can take his licence away, but short of cutting his hands off, you can't confiscate the keys...

    My suggestions:

    First Offence: licence lost IRREVERSIBLY for 12 months (no provisionals, no NOTHING!).

    Second Offence: 12 months jail time and loss of licence irreversibly for 5 years upon completion of the jail term. Give the judge some leeway on this - let him reduce the jail term and remove the licence for ever if he wants - whichever he thinks will annoy the person the most...

    Third Offence: 5 years jail and loss of licence for the rest of your natural life.

    Any subsequent offences (ie: driving even though disqualified) - 5 more years behind bars.

    I can't abide drink driving. There are ALWAYS options (like, duh, not drinking...) - no-one has any excuse for it.

    Legal-ish people please note - I do know some of the laws, including the one that states if you can prove you didn't KNOW you were drinking (ie: if someone was spiking your drinks), then you can have the offence scrubbed. I actually know someone back in Perth that had this happen. Fair enough, say I, my penalties are there for those who WILLINGLY and KNOWINGLY endanger people's lives.
  4. just do what they do in the uk, second offence the offenders car is confiscated and crushed, the drink driving offences dropped drastically when that bit of legislation was introduced
  5. I'm not surprised. Its the sort of thing we need here, with the drink driving trend on the rise.
  6. Have to agree with the comments. Take the vehicle off them. Just taking their licence off them does nothing for these people they just get in/on their vehicles and away they go again. Take the vehicle away or crush then they are really going to feel it.
  7. I agree, the car should be confiscated as part of the penalty as he would probably not pay the fines anyway with the disrespect he has shown to date. :twisted:
  8. doesn't cease to amaze me the amount of ppls that think its ok to drink and drive. fark the lot of them, make a new jail just for them :evil:
  9. Whether or not this guy's an irresponsible turd (no argument from me there), he clearly has a major problem with alcohol.

    I do wonder whether he's been made to attend some form of rehab at any stage. If not, why not? If he has, what went wrong?

    My view is - do whatever it takes to get people like this off the road. If that's jail, then so be it. But also do what you can to help them take responsibility for dealing with their problems and changing their behaviour. It can be done.
  10. Good idea sluglie.

    If they had that out here I'd be hoping the bastard drove a Mercedes.
  11. Vote 1 for Sluglie to be Minister of Transport..

    Squash the bastards in there cars I recopn.
  12. Should this guy go to jail? You bet.

    Should we introduce the extremely draconian measures suggested above? No way. Not workable or reasonable.
  13. I've just watched a news story about a 14 year old boy going down for 4 years in a young offenders because he crashed while being followed by the police, he was found to be 3 times over the drink drive limet, it was a stolen car, and on top of all that it was his 3rd time he was nicked, Oh and he was doing 70mph in a 30mph zone in Salford south Manchester.
  14. And when he gets out he'll be reformed and take up life as a model citizen?

    Hah. He'll have had 4 years to learn the tricks of the trade from other offenders.

    Locking up 14 year-olds for 4 years can't be any sort of answer.
  15. no it isnt, the little bastard should be shot
  16. Hangin's too good for him! it's a good kick in the arse he needs!! :p
  17. Ok, either this 14 year-old's just a little bastard, or he's been seriously fcuked up in the course of his short life. Which probably says a lot about the state of his family environment - if he has one. Sad story all round.
  18. Gromit's probably right. It's not just the crime or drink driving offence, its the problem with society. Don't get me wrong anyone that is caught breaking the law should be punished and sometimes definitely more severely than they are, but I can't help but feel that society in general has let it's standards sink. Nobody now thinks anything of getting blind down the pub and making a right d*** of oneself, years ago that kind of behaviour ridiculed and the offender shunned. Again no preaching I like a very long deep drink but I do it at home where no-one can see me make a fool of myself and no-one will get injured.
  19. Yeah.... bet he never recovered from the shame of his old man riding a TEAL Across :p :p :p :p

    Seriously tho... sometimes a poor family life is used as an excuse for bad behaviour on the part of kids .... I came from what is often called " a poor socio-economic demographic" ie we were sooo poor, we all shared one thong (foot type!!) and lived in a matchbox.
    But I still have strong view of right and wrong, live a comfortable... honest life. Family and envirnment have bloody lot to do with it, but not all, at some stage you take responsibilty for your own actions,

    I agree that locking the little turd up isn't an answer, but the education idea doesn't seem to working either..

    I have no answer either.