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This is real

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by SOBIL, Aug 22, 2005.

  1. Riding is one of the most enjoyable thing that you can ever do. It's real. It's no loger buzzing around on your bmx around your local neighborhood. No more bandaids and detol. Riding is dangerous. Riding is deadly. No longer can you hope that everything will be ok if you follow the rules. Too many people get hurt, too many people are too lucky and too many people arn't. Don't push it, Dont push your luck. One day it will end in tears. Straighten up and ride right. There is a time and a place. There are a lot of crazies out there. Be the best you can be, Trust nobody. Patience is essential. Learn it now, dont figure it out after a couple of months figure it out before you get your L's. It may be too late if you don't. Don't think about how much it hurts, think about how much it hurts the people around you.

    Some of us are the best riders in the world, but still end up in trouble. Some of us arn't good riders, but we need to realise it sooner rather than later. Be smart, know your limits, know everybody elses.
  2. All too true i guess. Do you ride? And what exactly are we suppose to learn before our L's? How to ride well? Or that its dangerous?
  3. ^^^ WORD

    Good advice there SOBIL. Being a new rider myself, I have a lot to learn and I am forever telling myself to take it easier and slow down. I just hope I continue to do this and that my path is one of freedom and fun, not horrer and heartache.
  4. I learnt the hard way. I know what happens when you push your limits, i've what can happen when sombody else does somting you don't expect. I've got a nasty scar and i can't run. I've got a bike that is written off. I'm still alive. Others are not. I will get back on a bike, but it will be different.
  5. Understood. Good to hear you will get back on the horse....uh, i mean bike :D
  6. We all do mate, we all do...

    Weather its a heartstopping near miss, or an off (or two (or three ;) )), most have learnt big time (and some of us have even used the experience :D ).

    I think a lot of people around here would consider riding a bike as a hobby, as we all enjoy it (cars are a nessesity) as well as a mode of transport, and some hobbies involve pushing the boundaries more and more, 'baby steps' is a word I can use, else it becomes an expensive hobby (as i've learnt, and been lucky enough to walk away from both offs, but thats a self-preservation thing i think) and can unfortunately end in heartache. The idea i think would be to enjoy it, but keep it real... and as i've been told, 'rubber side down' :D.

    You'll never hear the end of the phrase 'ride safe' and its always to be kept in mind.

    Dont be afraid of riding, personally its one of the best steps i've taken in life (yes even after falling off (learn to fall first ;) )), just be cautious, as MANY posts around here involve cagers not looking or being aware of their surroundings and other motorists, and even if you cant read minds of other people learn to see what people do (where they look, where their hands are, the attitude of the car) even if its when your driving (or being driven) and you'll learn a lot.

    For those interested, there are pre-learners courses, and always more, and more courses avail. Try diff places, they might teach you different things, and it may not all work for you (as i've never been able to have a good golf swing like they taught me :D ) but its worth while.

    So remember folks;
    ride safe
    baby steps
    keep it real
    never stop learning
    rubber side down

    oh yeah and my fav;
    have fun
  7. So wait... YOU are lecturing US about riding safely...?!?!?
    How many stacks have you had in how long?

    Deja Vu?
  8. Yep my thoughts EXACTLY.

    If you have learn't THIS TIME then perhaps your advice is sound.

    BUT if you continue like you have in the past and as YOU have said in the past you have learn't from your SOBILS (thats what I call riders down now :wink: ) then you have not learn't anything yet....time will tell....Good Luck

    Cheers 8)
  9. Dazza, some times i think you just like pushing peoples buttons. :? 8)

    Sickboy, sorry if it came across as a lecture. I just had a bit of a depressing day and felt like saying somthing that might make a difference. I know i've fcuked up, and i hope that new riders can look at what i've done and take it as a lesson in how not to do things. Thats why I post. Sorry if its rubbed you up the wrong way.

    I don't think i could deal with hearing about anybody else getting hurt at the moment. I know people die, but... you prolli know where im coming from as im tipping you have all been there. So NEW RIDERS TAKE IT EASY, OR you will end up doing a sobil or worse....
  10. Fu*k that..

    Ride hard.

  11. actually scratch the previous posts. i think i've had a change of heart, i needed sombody to say that, I might just add that i'll try not to take any body out on the way. DONT FLANK ME..... ;]

  12. :arrow:
    yep, that's a key point. i often ask myself are motorcycle riders inherently selfish? doing something that risks our lives when loved ones would struggle to cope with our lose/serious injury. we could all pick another pasttime to get an adrenaline rush, and we could all cope with longer transit times in a car and a little more expense getting from A to B.

    my mum said she wouldn't be able to sleep at night when i said was getting a bike, makes you feel a bit average to have that effect just so i can have fun on the road and save some fuel $. :?
  13. @*% fixing the fizzer i just go get a big bike. woot woot. hayabusa? sweet. no hopefully a cage doesn't merge into my lane causing me to run headoninto a bus at 100kliks.

    Kevin oath... Get a Busa....
  14. I don't think any of your family or loved one's needs practice writing eulogies? 22 rides ridden hard, or 722 rides ridden within my 'zone' .. easy choice for me. But then I value a long life and lots of riding for many years to come :)
  15. Bullsh1t... Don't cross the road then... Or fly..Just live in a small safe threat free bubble.. Then you can cushion your way through life and not endanger anyone :?
  16. im so torn...... 22 hard rides.... 722 rides... can i do a pecentage thing like take 11 hard rides and 361 normal rides? or aint that an option... :shock: :p
  17. bullshit? what's bullshit? that riding is more dangerous than catching a bus? :roll: that seems pretty clear to me. obviously i've weighed the factors and choose to ride.
  18. I could fall over tomorrow morning in the shower, break my neck and be a vegetable for the next 45 years. Imagine the toll on my friends and family, looking after a dribbling idiot and thinking what may have been if there was a bathmat in the bathroom. :roll:

    It can happen to anyone, I could get cancer and die at 22 for all I know.

    The time we have here is short, I choose to make the most of it.

    If I die on a motorcycle, so be it. I'd much rather die doing something I love than die an 80 year old man, who was too afraid of lifes inevitable dangers to enjoy it.

    I don't purposely put my life at risk on the road, there's enough people on it already who are doing a fine job. I simply set out to accomplish my goal of enjoying what short time I may have here.
  19. Or...you could ride as hard as you know you can safely do, learn your craft, practise the skills, always be open to new ideas and ride for over 30 years and cover hundreds of thousands of kilometres and never seriously hurt yourself..

    I did!
  20. mediocre riders outlive risk-taking riders (and have just as much fun!!!)