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This is probably one for Vmaxer... global finanical system collapse imminent.

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by robsalvv, Feb 21, 2012.

  1. Just got an email which fascinated me... I thought I'd share.

    What a load of baloney.

    Questions that come to mind :-

    So we're going back to the financial system we used to have - one where economies were backed up by gold buried in vaults - that doesn't sound bad, just unlikely. But how will this type of economy result in fewer people "enslaved and barely able to feed their families"?

    What will the basis for the arrests be?

    What kind of charges are likely to be laid?

    Who are the tireless people working to re-implement the real metals economy?

    How does someone of the dark cabal force people into debt?

    ...I guess I wont have to wait long for the first signs.

    About 10 years ago, I was accosted by a born again charismatic christian who was utterly convinced that all banks had special credit cards with our names already printed, ready to be issued upon the utter and complete collapse of the global financial system. Interestingly, that sounds exactly opposite to the more organic system being suggested above. So which one is it going to be? Computer based electronically allocated ration of money, or an organic metals based economy??
  2. Reptoids?
  3. Have a read of "THEM: Adventures With Extremists" by Jon Ronson

    THEM began as a book about different kinds of extremists, but after Ronson had got to know some enemies of western democracy - Islamic fundamentalists, neo-Nazis Ku Klux Klan - he found that they had one belief in common: that a tiny elite, which meets in secret, determines the course of global events.

    Ronson's quest to locate these secret rulers of the world was both hazardous and hilarious. He was chased by men in dark glasses; he was unmasked as a Jew in the middle of a Jihad training camp; he was forced to listen to David Icke expound his theory that the world is controlled by 12-foot lizards; he witnessed international CEOs and politicians participate in a bizarre pagan ritual in the forests of Northern California. He also learned some alarming things about the looking-glass world of 'them' and 'us'. Were the extremists right? Or had he become one of THEM?
  4. Well, call me crazy, or anything in between, but my pet theory is that we will see a new financial system within the next few years/decade. My suspicion is that it will be based around the emissions trading scheme. I have absolutely no proof of that though. But if we look at how the world has evolved in the last couple of 100 years or so, you can note that early on, religion was used as a controlling factor on the masses. Modern thinking/science etc has nearly relegated this to fairy tale status, so the authorities have to come up with a new way to scare the masses into submission. What better way than to use the supposed destruction of mother earth as the big stick. Any one who opposes this is worse than a terrorist. They are a threat to civilisation as we know it.
    Just my random thoughts however. Laugh all you like. I may or most probably will be completely wrong. But I can't help thinking about it. :)
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    Well done Roarin, it's called Global Governance, the emerging New World Order, centralised control, all powerful. The looney left have the UN in their pocket (massive beauracracy), they have enlisted the Big Banks to control the ETS cashflow. Everyone happy ?

    No ! Ultimately the left will seek to control the banks, but the banks will also have their agenda to outwit and outsmart the left. Meanwhile we all end up in some dictatorial Stalinist or dictatorial centrally Controlled World, governed by a few privileged unelected oligarchs.

    Perhaps Aldous Huxley saw this Brave New World when he went on one of his mescaline trips into the 4th dimension. One thing is for sure, we all need to wake up to what is really going on under the guise of ""saving the planet"".

    Forgot to add this [media=youtube]efKguI0NFek[/media]

    Thanks for the mention Rob.
  6. Sounds like a book I'd read :)

    On the hunt!

  7. Anything by Jon Ronson is fantastic.

    My prediction for the next GFC? I think we'll be just like we are now, only poorer.
  8. I'm actually engaging the guy who sent me the email in a conversation. This should be an interesting ride. I've asked him to answer the immediate questions I posted above.

    There's a good chance of another GFC - there's more than one financial house of cards in this world, but this guy is saying that 122 countries are pooling resources to get the shady folk at the top arrested and to re-introduce the systems of economies backed by gold... so to go away from the fiat system and back to a gold standard system. Why? I don't know.
  9. One word: DOUBLETHINK.
  10. THEM is an excellent book - the best bit is David Icke's stuff about the Royal Family being lizards in disguise (although that might explain Camilla).

    The scary bit is the stuff about the Bilderberg Group - that's enough to make you worry....
  11. Why???
  12. I'm safe.

    And so's my cat.

  13. The trouble for the supporters of a Gold standard is that there isn't enough of it to cover the value of the world economy.
  14. He also wrote Men Who Statre At Goats. Pommy fella. While he does investigate weird things he has a great sense of humour that flows through his writing.
  15. Double Plus Good
  16. Er, that's actually the PROBLEM with the world economy!
  17. Evidently someone left the fiat system out in the rain and it went rusty.
  18. You might have seen the business presenter on ABC TV news a couple of nights ago, show some graphs illustrating exactly how currency and the spending power of US wages fell off a cliff the moment that gold backing was abandoned. Hasn't stopped falling since then.

    He was being ironic - the bridges have long ago been burned.

    For an entertaining, fictionalised and very lengthy view of the rise of modern market economies and finance in the 18th century, have a read of Neal Stephenson's 'The Baroque Cycle'.
  19. I'm hoarding spices.

    Anything from a site with a name like Divine Cosmos (aside from maybe a mail order Raga Flute) scarcely rates above whatever the necessary clicks on my $30 Logitech mouse costs me in wear.