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This is pretty amazing

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by Kamikaze_Kawasaki, May 12, 2006.

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  2. Well now that is impressive. I was thinking of a boat, it said yacht. Close enough for me :shock:

    Ok, that is freaky. I just did it again and it guessed right with Chimney after 24 questions... WTF???
  3. I was thinking of a tent, and it guessed a tent!
  4. It got 'helmet' in 20.

    Pretty good.

    (Didn't get 'smoke machine' though)
  5. Q30. I am guessing that it is a recorder (musical instrument)?
    Right, Wrong, Close

    WRONG its a bolivian pan flute.......I WIN!!!
  6. Q30. I am guessing that it is a deck of cards?
    Right, Wrong, Close

    29. I guessed that it was a fetish? Wrong.
    28. Is it straight? Yes.
    27. Can you play with it? Yes.
    26. Is it flexible? Yes.
    25. Do you use it at night? Yes.
    24. Can it bend without breaking? Maybe.
    23. Does it have a tail? No.
    22. Can it be washed? Maybe.
    21. Does it go in your mouth? No.
    20. I guessed that it was beer? Wrong.
    19. Does it come in a pack? Sometimes.
    18. Would you eat it? No.
    17. Is it man made? Yes.
    16. Can it cheer you up? Yes.
    15. Can it float? No.
    14. Is it found on a desk? No.
    13. Do you fill it with liquid? Partly.
    12. Is it smaller than a loaf of bread? Yes.
    11. Do you hold it when you use it? Sometimes.
    10. Is it electronic? No.
    9. Does it get wet? Sometimes.
    8. Is some part of it made of glass? No.
    7. Is it multicoloured? Sometimes.
    6. Is it conscious? No.
    5. Does it make music? No.
    4. Does it conduct electric current? Irrelevant.
    3. Can you lift it? Yes.
    2. Can it be heard? Sometimes.
    1. It is classified as Other.

    You won!
    Is it one of these ...
    a toy
    a tarot card
    a fishing pole
    a teddy bear
    a playing card
    a dollar bill
    a firecracker
    a sparkler (fireworks)
    a guitar string
    a voodoo doll
    a muscle (body part

    It's got no idea what a shock absorber is.
  7. I win

    Prob with these things if you dont pick something very common you will always win

    Cheers :cool:
  8. 26 questions it took to guess a motorbike, I win
  9. 29. I guessed that it was a woodpecker? Wrong.
    28. Does it bite? No.
    27. Does it have feet? Yes.
    26. Does it jump? No.
    25. Can you find it in a church? No.
    24. Is it multicoloured? No.
    23. Is it brown? No.
    22. Does it live in cities? No.
    21. Does it come in different colours? Sometimes.
    20. I guessed that it was an owl? Wrong.
    19. Is it worth a lot of money? No.
    18. Does it live near water? No.
    17. Is it located in the sky? Yes.
    16. Is it an insect? No.
    15. Can it swim? No.
    14. Do you clean it regularly? No.
    13. Does it like to run? No.
    12. Does it have fur? No.
    11. Is it a common farm animal? No.
    10. Is it used in travel? No.
    9. Do people own it as a pet? No.
    8. Would you use it daily? No.
    7. Would you find it on a farm? Usually.
    6. Does it have lungs? Probably.
    5. Will it eat almost anything? Doubtful.
    4. Does it sweat? Probably.
    Is it furry? Unknown.
    Is it a small mammal? Unknown.
    Is it a warm-blooded animal? Unknown.
    Does it eat fish? Unknown.
    3. Does it live in African grass lands? No.
    2. Does it move? Probably.
    1. Is it considered valuable? Probably.
    Do you use it in your home? Unknown.
    It is classified as Unknown.

    You won! Give-up, I do not know what you were thinking

    MWHAHAHA i was thinking about an Alien
  10. You didnt give it proper answers though.
    What if aliens like to bite? Or live in citys?
    :cry: <----- clearly this is a biting alien, like pac-man

  11. And how do you know there isn't one living in African grasslands?
  12. Or an illegal one stealing American jobs eh?

    Took 23Q's to guess 'scalpel'

    26Q's to guess 'fish hook'

    26Q to guess 'business card'
  13. It's a sore loser. It took 23 questions to get bulldozer, but then it told me that I gave incorrect answers to questions that I didn't ask.
  14. 26Qs to guess a watch.
  15. 29 questions and it couldn't get sidecar :)
  16. I won 30 questions and it couldnt get rubbishbin :grin: :grin: