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This is NOT a squid post

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by cejay, May 2, 2010.

  1. A curious phenomenon I've observed since we moved to FNQ. As well as the usual squids (boardies, thongs, helmet) we see a lot of riders who are fully kitted up in every other way, except gloves. I mean, race boots, exxy helmet, nice jacket and leather pants, but no gloves.

    When I squid, I go boardies, safety thongs, helmet and gloves. I have the scars to prove how much it hurts when you fall off without the required kit and am happy to wear the risk. But I also know that in my chequered history of falling off all things two wheels I've always put my hands out first to save me. I've even got the ground down carbon fibre on one set of race gloves to show that those nice little add-ons aren't a total w!@nk, they actually do work. So why would someone go ride a sportsbike with just about all the good kit and not wear even a cheap pair of gloves?

    Your thoughts please..... :)
  2. dumb, gloves minimu, Rocks(and bugs) hurt when they get flicked into your hands when wearing gloves, hate to find out how bad it would be without.
  3. because QLDers are weird.. and they are even weirder with that tropical heat all year round:-w
  4. It's true, we are weird. But at least the ones in FNQ make up for it by providing such amazing riding roads, especially around Cairns.

    No freaking idea why you'd skimp on gloves though.
  5. i know a guy that used to do this, i think he just loved cutting through the air with bare hands... very strange though
  6. Passed a bloke on a :moped: in the 100 zone the other day texting on his mobile, can't text with gloves on ](*,)](*,)


    PS, Squid by name but not by nature :squid:
  7. The only advantage I can imagine is that you can use a phone (yeah, on a bike) and that probably extends to a GPS too. I recently sprung for a pair of short gloves so I always have something comfy.

    Not wearing them seems incredibly stupid.
  8. they make gloves for bikes now?
  9. I believe "their" reasoning is that it gives them more "feel" of the throttle and levers
  10. easier to light a ciggie too...

    or crack open a coldy if you're in FNQ i'd imagine.
  11. No doubt, I am sure that's the reason. But your hands are the first thing you'll place when you land (if you fall off). One day I'll ask them...
  12. or pack a bong, hey bonk
  13. we get people riding without gloves down here too, seems to be the same ones riding the cbr250rr's all painted up with number 46 on them and a matching (p)leather jacket.
  14. lol My career is my hands... I wouldn't be able to afford the time of work, knuckles and skin take to heal.
  15. Can't use an iPhone with gloves on

    Maybe they should make some gloves that work with them ;)
  16. i do like to read the newspaper on the way to work..
  17. same here. that and knees :p

    i see it a bit, im always baffled.
  18. Perhaps they don't like anything interfering with the sensuousness when they caress their bike?
  19. actually they all wear proper skin coloured leather gloves, so that they can get the squidding look but without the safety disadvantage.
  20. ive gone without gloves a couple times, its nice, but putting on a pair of summer gloves aint much hassle really