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This is my 1st Posting ... Hola!!

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by Spiced Harley V8, Aug 29, 2006.

  1. Hola!! It started with a K... no, not a kiss but a Gift Voucher from a friend for a weekend course to have a go at getting my L's. That was last December, bought myself a birthday pressie in June ... XV Virago and she is beautiful - private lessons getting a little exxy but well worth the experience as these were awesome...

    My first couple of inaugural rides was definitely kicking in the andrenalin rush as my visor kept fogging up so always had to ride with it slightly open and doing the sign of the cross. Haven't ridden a moto before prior to the weekend L's course in December, just a pillion passenger. Thanks to my Bro and good mates over the years for the indoctrination (heehee).

    Well, today? For me.... once both my feet hit those pegs, everything is behind me as life on a day to day basis is quite full on. Never realised that anything like motor bike riding would be such a freeing & empowering experience (much to my friends and families dismay). They are just jealous I say! Winter riding was good experience, so now bring on Summer and I just won't know myself.

    I live down the Coast, would love to meet and ride with like minded people ... so what's next? I hear that a coffee sesh in Williamstown happens on Mondays. Any other suggestions .... ?

    Hi to all ... I am soooooooo glad to be here and on this website. Just the best! :dance: [/b]
  2. Welcome to Netrider; where the fun never ends, except to go on rides, and then it gets better, as you have found out! Make yourself at home :grin:
  3. buenos noches amiga/o?

    la alegría de las motocicletas tambien me hace feliz!
    Doy a recepcion.
    mi espanol es mi tentativa de pobre :( ...es bueno

    tengo huevos grandes :LOL:
  4. welcome to the site . glad you have picked up a bike and felt the passion..
  5. Joelridescbr ... Hola! ¡Y Pascua no podría cambiar de opinión más pronto! Thank you for your welcome..... Ciao

    Thank you Hornet600 & Dante (cool photo) .. appreciate the welcome to this awesome site. I am very green and look forward to the connections.