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This is how you sell a bike!

Discussion in 'Multimedia' started by UDLOSE, Jun 22, 2011.

  1. VERY funny and awesome...but I'd like to see who's gonna put their hand up to buy a bike which has OBVIOUSLY being fanged about! :/
  2. some 18yr old with no brains looking to fang a 'quick' bike around
  3. Bikes were built to be "fanged", that's why they have 16k redlines. The idea that a bike is somehow in better condition if the owner has never taken it to the track has always amused me.
  4. That is such exquisite bullish!t.

    There is a massive difference between opening up a well kept machine and some douchette bouncing off the limiter while chucking a burnout! Shows a lack of respect for the machine that's a clear indication of other shortcomings.
  5. [​IMG]

    I believe there is a phrase to do with actions of gooses and ganders...

    As long as the engine has oil in it instead of banana skins and has been sufficiently warmed up, it should be able to comfortably bounce off the limiter providing it was put together by someone with more than half a clue.

    Besides, where does it say anything about bouncing off the limiter? Burnouts are quite possible without doing so... Note how Ben's Pies only had it against the limiter for a solid half second and Haslam didn't ouch it at all?
  6. It doesn't say much - for or against - about the way the bike's been cared for. It does say the seller (the blonde?) has a sense of humour. It does say the bike has probably been used a bit and not by mother goose, but that isn't on its own a problem. As Lilley says, you can burn out without going over half the available revs. You'd need a few seconds to get the smoke happening, but that isn't a problem. A few minutes might be... I might look that particular bike over for overt signs that it'd been flogged, but that pic would not say to me that it has - only that it might have been.
  7. Of course, a large bore air cooled push rod twin would probably overheat within seconds of revving at anything more than idle.

    Or am I mistaken in that some metrics have actually ascended from the stone age?
  8. worth enquiring about just for her phone number, hot
  9. [​IMG]

    all you gotta do is just punch yours in for a validation code, enter it back in then presto
  10. i called her. she's got a sexy voice.
  11. :D

    I think the ad got deleted! Sorry sexy hoon chick :(
  12. #13 PhoenixRZNG, Jun 23, 2011
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    Here it is again, in English, without the hyperbole:
    "If you are trying to sell your motorcycle, do not give anyone cause to pause and reflect about the treatment you might have inflicted on it."

    Okay, I'll bite. Here you go!


  13. haha, I approve
  14. I giggled.

    At least she didn't make any claims about the condition of the tyres.
  15. less blabbing, more pictures :)
  16. Wonder if she's ever heard the comment of "You like something BIG between your legs"???

    Should enquire as to when the tyres were last changed!
  17. There u go

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  18. Here's one more ( a Classic!)